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  • Smoove T

    Drugs, man. Drugs.

  • victoria

    A drive-through sperm donation tank.

  • caballero

    I saw this last fall, because there was a house for sale just one or two doors west of this. We couldn’t figure it out either, but our agent, who has been in the business for years, did say there were two or three crack houses on that block, across the street, back in the day….

  • haw

  • Chris in Eckington

    I first looked at a couple places on that block back in mid-2002 and moved nearby about six months later. There wasn’t anything there then, so it must be pretty damn old.

  • easynow

    Looks like a snowball stand to me.

  • Krssy

    I’m with Smoove T, I was thinking drugs.

  • ah

    Yeah, so some drug dealer went to the trouble of installing an old McDonalds mic holder post in his alley in order to take drug orders? Seems likely.

    • The crazy thing is not even in an alley. It’s just in an empty narrow lot in the middle of the block with buildings on either side. Through the lot is the back of a school so it’s all very strange remnant of something long gone, and yet the sign and post look so new.


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