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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth February 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm 41 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user cyrusrassool

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

  • GiantSquid

    Rant/Revel: It’s my birthday.

    Rant: Hoping that despite PoP featuring Wisdom, crowds will not flock to it. Like being able to walk in on a Friday and find seating and hear my friends converse.

    Revel: Snow!

    • Mal

      Happy birthday!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy Happy Birthday!

    • rg

      happy bday Squiddy.

  • dreas

    Rave: snow! More snow coming! And then even more on the weekend!

    Rant: neighbors who don’t shovel their effing sidewalks. No excuse this time. The snow was so light you could use a broom to sweep it away. I am going to start printing up notes and putting them in mailboxes of people who don’t shovel and who I know are able-bodied enough to do it. I’m looking at you, 3800 and 3900 blocks of Kansas.

  • Anonnymouse

    Rave: I got engaged!
    Rant: Wedding planning with no money and no idea what kind of shindig I want…besides cheap!

    • Emmaleigh504


  • anon


    1) pet owners who think it is ok for their pets to crap on the sidewalk when it snows.

    2) a bicyclist rides up onto sidewalk when pedestrians are trying to cross the street and says “get an fing clue, get out of my way” next person gets pushed over

    • GiantSquid

      It is one thing for the pets to defecate on the sidewalk. It is another thing if the pet owners do not pick it up.

      • ah

        Yeah, I’m kind of thinking the dog isn’t too aware of the sidewalk/tree strip distinction, other than one has snow and the other doesn’t.

        Anyway, pick it up owners. The fact that it freezes doesn’t make it okay.

        • anon

          I have to admit I did this once during the blizzard — my dog climbed ontop of a snowbank and deposited her business there, dropping it down a snow hole. So yeah, I didn’t dig it out. Still wasn’t right…
          But in 3 inches? Seriously? That’s just gross.

  • Rave: While it sucks at work…
    Listening to this great Disco Classic have me in Ultra High Spirits….


    Rant: I didn’t speak to a soul…not one from saturday night 9pm until I got to work today at 8:30am…
    Is that normal to go 35.5 hours without talking to someone??? because in the winter It’s almost every weekend.

    so I guess this is more of an observation over rant.

    • FH

      I LOVE THAT SONG. I first heard it one morning on 89.3 a couple of years back. Makes me want to dance!


      (I tried to find Graham Central Station’s “Can You Handle It?” but failed.)

      • Hell yeah….all those old Disco songs make me want to dance… We need to bring back the soul train line lol

        I have to say, after watching this Video…i regrete the cupcake I just ate.

        I swear ima get as thin as the dudes in the 70’s lol
        Grove Line…

    • Emmaleigh504

      That happens to me sometimes, not talking to anyone all weekend except my kitty cat. It doesn’t bother me too much.

    • Rachel

      Yeah, I find myself not talking to anyone for long stretches of time, too. It’s peaceful.

  • JennyK

    Rave: being able to walk to the Black Cat on the spur of the moment and catch a great concert.

    Rant: Someone stole my snow shovel off my front porch! Also, my poor dog walking on sidewalk salt that really hurts his feet.

    • Perry

      I had my snow shovel pilfered off my porch a couple years back the very morning of a massive snow storm. I had put it there just moments before, went back inside for a few minutes and came out to find no shovel. I was livid! I wanted to track the eff-er by his footprints through the snow, but my girlfriend wouldn’t let me.

      We laugh about it now, but the anger isn’t too far below the surface on this one.

  • FoxyBrown

    Has anybody else noticed the extra heavy metro traffic over the last two weeks? It started just prior to the metro meeting to discuss cuts in service or raises in fees. Every morning on the way to work on the green/yellow line the train is packed like sardines all of a sudden and they are further between trains.

    We now see why they said they will not cut service but only raise prices, they ALREADY cut the service. Metro should change their name to ScrewUtro

    • anon

      @ foxy brown, I have noticed this,too. If you miss a train between 8:20 and 8:40 your wait will likely be 6-10 minutes. Not cool

  • Victoria

    Rave – Gorgeous bright sunny day yesterday with plenty of pretty snow still left. Craving sunlight, I did a long, long PoP style neighborhood walk.

    Rant – Can too much sunlight bruise your brain? Got a slamming headache once home that lasted all night, and today I can’t bear sunlight and am holed up like a vampire with the curtains drawn.

    Not snow blindness (I looked it up) not a classic migraine (I do get those) just extreme sensitivity to light – weird.

    • Ragged Dog

      My fiance got this recently. Her Dr’s prescription: wear sunglasses. You probably did some slight damage to your eyes but it will heal.

  • TY

    Rave: Had a great weekend with friends.

    Rant: I agree with dreas about people not shoveling their sidewalks! It’s not like it’s a huge long driveway to shovel..just a few feet of minimal snow. I was half tempted just to get my own shovel and do my own path to get me to the metro…at least that way I could be sure I wouldn’t be slipping and sliding all over.

    Rant/question: What’s with all the runners that I saw this weekend running in the snow/slush? Is it that bad to take a day off or run inside? I would think the risk of falling and seriously hurting yourself would be worth a day or two off of training!

  • bdh

    Rave: Snow – just enough to make everything look good, not enough to make me spend half the day shoveling.

    Rant: Cold. So so cold. And why’s it always got to snow on Saturday?

    Captcha: faking registration

  • Melissa


    I live in Columbia Heights (renting) and am looking for a free/public music space with a piano where I can practice vocal material (just joined a NoVA community choir and want to play around on the piano while crooning out some notes.)

    Any suggestions?

    • DCster

      I’m not sure but you could contact the DC youth orchestra ([email protected]). Their offices are at Coolidge Sr High – they might allow you to practice there.

  • Rave: After being dog-less for eight months, yesterday I adopted an adorable nine month old border collie/spaniel mix. She’s making herself at home, as she should.

    Rant: Car won’t start – it’s not the battery which leads me to think I need a new starter. Know any mechanic who makes house calls?

    • dog


      • Yup, Noel-new-name-pending [a name that doesn’t start with NO]. Maisy is the current favorite.

        She’s currently performing a squeak-ectomy on one of her new toys.

        Thanks, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue!

        • dog

          I like the name Maisy! I hope she gets down to business on settling in like any good girl should.

    • dino

      You are right that it might not be the battery, but it might not be the starter either. It could be just a solenoid switch, which often become brittle and break in cold weather. Keep in mind a starter solenoid is ~$15, while a starter without labor is at least $150. Good luck. Do you have a towing plan with your insurance/AAA/cellular provider?

      • thanks Dino – needing a new starter solenoid and not a starter would be great.

        Unfortunately no towing plan — the time to have a towing plan is before I need one.

  • Rave: Curbside Cupcakes just left 20th and E.

    Rant: I really need to start working out again.

    Rave: Cocoanut Key Lime cupcakes

    More Rave: Best Captcha evah:

    Goosed because

  • Mal

    Rave: getting much better at snowboarding! going again this weekend!

    That’s about it. I’m tired and grumpy.

  • Emmaleigh504

    RAVE: Had some awesome King Cake last week from Haydel’s. Thanks to the parental units for sending it!
    RANT: I hate all snow. It makes me tired and lazy.
    RAVE: Work wasn’t half bad today.

  • rg

    I have had some time to think, and would like to share my theory with the commentariate. Bear with me..

    The human is soul is a giant dumpster.
    Some people leave nice things in the dumpster, some people take things out, some fill it with garbage.

    Lets just say, for example, that everyday someone takes a gallon of toxic waste and pours into your dumpster-soul. After a few years, your dumpster would be an awful place, but as human you are capable to adjusting to things and over time you might not notice the toxic shit that is overflowing.

    So the years go by, but one day you notice that no toxic waste has been dumped. Since there is no additional waste being placed in the dumpster, you call that a good day.
    In reality, you are still filled with garbage and toxic waste, and defining happiness as a lack of new negative experiences.

    • Mal

      Strange analogy, but I do agree. I think a lot of people go through the phase of defining happiness as a lack of negative experiences – that’s a perfect way to put it.

      I hope this is saying that you didn’t have any negative experiences this weekend? Hope more “happiness” is on the way, leading you to better experiences and true content…

    • Emmaleigh504

      I don’t think your dumpster/soul would still be full of toxic waste. Some of it would leak out or maybe some dumpster diver comes and takes it. It’s not there forever.

  • MK

    Rave: Coconut key lime cupcakes, @Herb you’re sending me out the door now!

    Rant: The announced “altercation” at the Brookland metro station on Friday that caused delays on the red line.

    Rant2: The auto show was a depressing as the economy. No cool exhibits unless you were a kid. I only stayed an hour and a half.

  • DCster

    Rave: Boston Cream cupcake from Love Cafe.
    Rant: It was too cold to run off the Boston Cream cupcake from Love Cafe
    Rave2: captcha ‘bell poulet’
    Rant2: I think it should be ‘beau poulet’

  • clearbluewater33

    big big big big Rave: My Best friend from middle school had a baby in October, who needed a heart transplant. And TODAY HE GOT ONE!!!!!! It was a completely successful transplant and Baby Jackson is doing beautifully!

    Rant: Someone’s baby had to die to give my best friend’s baby new life. I am both estatic for Jackson’s life and sad for this little donor baby!

    Moral of the story, you can’t take ’em with you! Donate Life!


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