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Community Meetings Scheduled for Park at 11th and Monroe Streets, NW

by Prince Of Petworth February 1, 2010 at 11:30 am 3 Comments


We had a lenghty discussion about some of the problems with the park a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to a reader for sending the following information from DPR:

“The Department of Parks and Recreation is convening three community meetings to develop a new design for the 11th and Monroe Street Park.

We are planning for a three step meeting process:

Wednesday, February 17: 1st community meeting for a general discussion of neighborhood priorities for the park,

Wednesday, March 3: 2nd community meeting with a presentation of two concept designs alternatives with a discussion of pros and cons for each,

Wednesday, March 31: 3rd community meeting with a presentation of final design concept and tentative construction schedule

I’ve reserved a room at the Columbia Heights Recreation Center (1480 Girard Street, NW). We want to start the meeting at 7:00 pm.”


  • andy

    will design plans include a sign that reads “no drunks allowed”?

  • WDC

    What?? They’re going to waste money on “design concepts” and construction? There’s nothing wrong with that park! It’s in fine shape. All it needs is a beat cop to come past every daylight hour and evict anyone who is not a child, or accompanied by a child. And I’m willing to bet that cop’s time is a lot cheaper than whatever is earmarked for design and construction. Of course, the cop might not be too amenable to wearing a “Fenty” placard on his back, as the new park is sure to be sporting.

    a propos captcha: momma clean

  • New2CH

    WDC, are you insane? The park could be the safest place in the world, devoid of drinking, etc., and most folks would STILL never set foot inside it. It has hardly any green, is 75 percent hideous concrete and rubber, the rubberized surface is disgusting and falling apart, and high concrete walls and low surface makes it feel like a prison, the play equipment is dated and not really of interest to the vast majority of kids, it is a hideous space right out of the 70’s and needs a total re-do like Girard received before it will be remotely attractive as a community asset. Are our standards REALLY that low in DC to consider this a remotely acceptable “green” space?


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