• hohandy

    sorry, Joe – go get yourself gay married and then go adopt a gay. Then maybe we’ll talk about your bag of week.

  • Would him getting his bag of weed through legal means make him a a positive and productive citizen of society vs. the disgruntled d-bag he his now?

    Or does ne not have access to weed now, and with weed he would be more productive? I don’t think it works that way. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Bitter Elitist

      maybe it would make him too lazy/burnt to post stupid signage

  • Anon

    Ha! We just saw one of these on a MetroBus this weekend. Guy is getting around

  • My reaction to this was that it’s actually a protest against same-sex marriage in DC, equating it with the loosening of other laws. Note the use of the word homosexual instead of gay in the second line; sounds like a Washington Times headline, without the scare quotes. But who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

    • Maybe he works at the American Family Ass-ociation and his software replaced the word “gay”. That…doesn’t make it any better, does it?

    • anon

      that is a pretty good theory, actually.

  • Golly dang, there’s some very deep thinkers here.
    I saw it simply as some dude motivated enough to make a point with some effort and a little packing-tape. Vaguely charming and amusing. I hope he gets what he wants.

  • jpq

    This is pretty awesome. But FYI Joe, we don’t have same-sex marriage yet. Just a couple more weeks!

  • Black

    I agree with Mr. T’s assessment on the intent.

    On the logic of the flier: If one assumes that the morality of human behavior is contingent on whether or not the gov’t sanctions it, then why wouldn’t legalization of marijuana rehabilitate his currently criminal act into the act of a “positive and productive citizen of society” ?

  • KR

    Umm…apples and oranges?

  • Jeremy

    I do, wish they would allow us to smoke weed though. I’m ready split a phillie right now..


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