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by Prince Of Petworth February 2, 2010 at 11:26 pm 22 Comments


Well this scene made me laugh just because it seemed so trite. The dog was barking ferociously at the mailman. And it was like a standoff with neither party budging. Your captions in the comments and winner picked Friday.

Ed. Note: If you won last week email me directly so I can get you your PoP t-shirts.

  • smitty

    Is that a bone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • Kalorini

    The mailman’s internal monologue song, sung to the music of The Temptations “Ain’t no mountain high enough”:

    ‘Cause patron there
    Ain’t no walkway high enough
    Ain’t no dog lound enough
    Ain’t no snowstorm strong enough
    To keep me from getting your mail babe

  • Mal

    Mailman outloud: Is your name Rex?
    Thinking to himself: Maybe if I stay still…

  • TaylorStreetMan

    “Neither rain nor sleet nor snow… but crazy-ass dogs, that somethin’ else all together!”

    • v.2.0

      Neither Rain nor sleet nor bark or bite.

  • Jaynuze

    Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow … I will bite your ass.

  • “Come here, Rover. You like dog treats dipped in cyanide? That’s a good boy.”

    • Ragged Dog

      That’s kind of a d*k thing to say. Keep that one to yourself.

  • MnomeNa

    The new Victoria’s Secret catalog…neither dog nor snow will get in the way.

  • “The Stars ‘N Bites 4-Ever”

  • Kyle Butler

    Bitch, you better have my mother f***in’ Netflix!!!!

  • future PoP attorney

    “Dogs” ain’t on the list

  • DC Thinker

    Dog: “Pls One more step…master doesn’t pick up after me in the snow”

  • JulesonPrinceton

    8 years, 2 months, 8 days till retirement…

  • Kamantha

    Dont let me go postal on your ass!

  • nonesuch

    Mama is right, I DON’T get paid enough. It’s snowing and shit too…

  • rg

    Mailman: Bill, bill, catalog, bill.. where’s my glock?

  • Melissa Gilbert

    The dog’s name is Missy. I walk by her on my way to the Metro and I always stop and scratch her ears. She is the sweetest dog. The mailman has nothing to fear.

    • dreas

      I don’t know the dog, but if that’s my mailman (possible, given the house number), he’s terrified of dogs. Mine does not help with that, unfortunately.

  • Annie

    Should’ve kept my job as a paperboy. Just had to chuck it and leave. But oh no, I had to be ambitious.

  • Kyle Butler’s submission me laughing the hardest.

  • jb

    Its nudie magazine day! Nudie magazine day!


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