Support Your Local Flower Shops – Petals for the People and Mother Virginia

by Prince Of Petworth February 2, 2010 at 11:20 pm 14 Comments

Photo by Sam von Pollaro

I received word on two great Flower shops. First is from lead singer of the great band, Junior League Band, Lissy Rosemont. She writes:

“I am the lead singer in the Junior League Band by night, and a florist for the Petworth based “Petals for the People” by day, a flower subscription service. I wanted to let your readers know about some of our upcoming events (including free flower giveaways) that Petals for the People is sponsoring to promote our service.

The idea is that with our service folks can have beautiful, creative flowers in their life on a regular basis for a low cost and without a lot of hassle (we have pickup spots for metro commuters as well as delivery services). One of the perks that sets PFTP apart is that Sarah von Pollaro, the founding florist, posts a weekly video blog that shows you how to arrange that specific week’s flowers. So, if you’d like, you can learn flower arranging along the way! Each bundle includes enough flowers to make up to 3 or 4 arrangements for your apartment, office or home.

It’s an easy way to have beautiful, creative flowers in your life on a regular basis.

Treat yourself! Or the loved ones in your life.

Petals for the People bundle subscriptions are the alternative to your average Valentine’s Day roses (which are sold at highly inflated prices) and in general a great gift for the loved ones in your life.

To show you what we mean, we will have roving Petal Patrols giving away flowers at locations throughout the DC metro area this coming weekend (see below for the schedule). We’re also hosting a hands-on Flower Arranging Workshop on February 13th for folks who want to make their own flower arrangements for, or with, their Valentine! At the workshop, which costs $55 per participant, you get enough flowers to make two beautiful arrangements to treat yourself or your loved ones! If you want more flowers in your life, then come and visit us at petalsforthepeople.com

Flower Arranging Workshop on Feb 13th details at www.petalsforthepeople.com/event

Petal Patrols giving away free flowers:

* City Vista (5th St NW between K and L) – Friday, Feb 5th: 5:30-6:30p
* Arlington (Farmers Market in Courthouse) – Saturday, Feb 6th: 10:30-11:15a
* Arlington (Market Commons in Clarendon) – Saturday, Feb 6th: 11:15a-12p
* Capitol Hill (Eastern Market) – Saturday, Feb 6th: 12:30-1:30p
* Bethesda (Woodmont St) – Saturday, Feb 6th: 2-3p
* Dupont Circle (Farmers Market) – Sunday, Feb 7th: 10:30-11:30a”


Second is from a reader:

“Dear PoP,

I hosted a baby shower this past weekend and needed to buy a floral center piece. I had driven by it the previous weekend, so I decided to patronize the Petworth business, Mother Virgnia, as opposed to order something from downtown or online. They’re at the corner of Georgia Ave and Allison. I have to say, they were fantastic!! When I went in last Wednesday, Bob and Ricardo gave me tons of cute options for the vase and the flowers they picked out were gorgeous! They seemed to have a great selection and great prices. Lots of Valentine’s day vases too. And, when I picked up my arrangment and balloons on Saturday, they even opened an hour early to accommodate my schedule. Needless to say, I’ll definitely go back!”

  • Amsterlove

    This is so awesome. Reminds me of Amsterdam, where flowers, children, and bikes are, well, you know.

    In college we tried to raise some money for our field trips to see floral greenhouses in Pennsylvania and Long Island by selling flowers, and once we over-ordered for an event by something like 800 roses. I had a dozen in the bath, the bedroom, the dining room, and we offloaded a bunch to the local florists. A girl I was widely interested in (ah, Victoria) got about 8 dozen. Man, I miss those days.

    Nice post….

  • Petworth

    I used Mother Virginia twice and was greatly satisfied with the service I received. Please support our local small businesses.

  • jcm

    That’s a neat idea. I just signed my wife up to the workshop for a Valentine’s gift. She’s very excited. I suspect that the end result is going to be a flower subscription for us, as well.

    Too bad they don’t have pickup at CH metro. It would be easier for me.

  • OB Rider

    Everything about Mother Virginia’s is great- selection, freshness, prices, and Bob and Ricardo. Please support this local shop instead of buying flowers at the grocery store. You’ll be pleased that you did.

  • Nick

    My wife and I have been subscribing to PFTP for months now and love it. The variety that they put into each bundle of flowers is terrific. We just got an email yesterday explaining that the pick up areas will soon be expanded, which makes the whole thing even easier. Big fans — I recommend it to anyone who wants to add a little color to their place.

  • Sam

    We’re currently working on adding a pickup location at a retail business right next to the Columbia Heights metro! Hope to have that in place by the end of the month.

    Sam von Pollaro
    Petals for the People

  • jcm

    That’s great news, Sam, thanks! I’m sure we’ll be subscribers then.

  • And I’ll be delivering them with Sarah and Sam! Maybe one day we’ll combine Singing bluegrass tunes while I hand u your flowers;)

    thanks Dan for letting me share! I love our bundles, and putyig them together every week

  • And I’ll be delivering them with Sarah and Sam! Maybe one day we’ll combine Singing bluegrass tunes while I hand u your flowers;)

    thanks Dan for letting me share! I love our bundles, and putting them together every week

  • Kalia

    I LOVE Mother Virginia as well. I called to place an order for some flowers and they were so friendly and helpful in helping me pick out what I wanted. I was also extremely pleased with the flowers when I picked them up and so were my two friends that got them! I will def. go back!

  • snow bunny

    Mother Virginia is good…. when I placed a big order, though, they were somewhat inexperienced and therefore the bouquets were quite uneven. Some were lovely (when I stood there and supervised) while others were inferior. I had hoped to give very nice bouquets to everyone and was willing to pay for them. I would recommend being quite specific or supervising the creation of each arrangement, unless perhaps their staff have become more experienced in the interim.

  • snow bunny

    Would be glad to sign up if the Columbia heights location comes through. I can’t imagine taking a day off each week to sit by the front door between 9 and 5!

  • waster

    Flowers. Let’s kill something living and beautiful so we can selfishly have it in our homes for a week before we discard it and contribute to more C02 emissions. I know I’m in the minority here, but seriously, flowers are such a cruel and idiotic waste. Enjoy them outdoors, in nature, where they belong, not at $55 a pop with some trying-to-be-chichi florist.

  • “Flowers. Let’s kill something living and beautiful so we can selfishly have it in our homes for a week before we discard it and contribute to more C02 emissions.”


    Don’t flowers, like everything else that grows, actually remove CO2 from the air?

    Unless these are, like, wild-caught endangered species flowers or something, which seems pretty unlikely, I really see very little downside to growing flowers for use in the home. It’s not as if they are a non-renewable resource.

    If you’re going to complain about flowers, I assume you will also complain about every other thing that people do or consume that doesn’t directly contribute to survival, and is therefore a waste, such as television, movies, alcohol, running shoes, pets, and, well, anything other than rice cakes and water.


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