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  • smitty

    I wonder if there is a way to procure “for cheap” the old poles that are being removed. I have a small road project at my farmette on the Eastern Shore that could benefit from about 3-5 poles, perhaps converted to be gas lamps….

    Very psyched to see all the new poles going up. They look so much better than the old ones they are replacing. Good investment for the look of the city. I wonder how much they are spending on them? And whether the new ones are more energy efficient?

  • MK

    To hell with the poles. That should be a House Porn candidate. What is that place?

    • Banksy

      Agreed! What’s with the house? Is it a residence or a commercial building?

      • It’s on Howard’s campus. I’ve wanted to live there since I was about 4….

  • Ragged Dog

    Nice $1000 light poles in front of one of the nastiest grocery stores in the city.

  • ShermanAveGuy

    They’re going to be putting these poles in on Sherman Avenue later this year along with a tree-lined median and wider sidewalks. Can’t wait!

  • Jim

    I’m guessing the purpose of these is to cut down on light pollution, since all of the light is aimed downward, instead of up toward the sky. The only downside is that they aren’t the traditional, historically-accurate style that the District had been installing up until now.

  • davidj

    That’s the former home of General Oliver Howard, chief founder of the university named after him. It’s probably the nicest building on the campus and is used for alumni-relations offices and the occasional reception.

  • dino

    I always wondered about that Murry’s…is it a grocery store or a minimum-security prison that also sells pork chops?


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