• Eric in Ledroiit

    whoa. is that place balanced on a pylon? crazy!!

  • ShawRes

    wow. definitely a candidate for house of the year…

  • Petworthian

    Is that a big weight holding down the corner so the house won’t tilt or flex in high winds?

  • is that a vinyl clad pop up?
    j/k, i kinda dig this place.

  • Catholic U architecture prof’s house. I reckon it’s for sale, in the millions…was there during a spring storm, windows not so watertight.

  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming it is by Travis Price, he designed a similar one on Newark St. I love the copper work on both but wished they would have let it age naturally instead of using a accelerator.

  • anon

    one of my favs and the views from inside are great. Yes those are two large weights hanging off the back. Kinda like house testicals.

  • Yah

    Know the place well. The entire house is on the sunspension weights to hold it in place, amaising.

  • fomer Georgetowner

    I love it. I think it’s gorgeous. I wanna see what it looks in the spring/summer when there is foliage around it..

  • Superskeptical

    Travis always did wish he could live in the Finnish Embassy.


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