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  • Mystery Tree

    I believe it is a Lebanon Cedar Tree.

  • PetworthRes

    It IS sad, PoP, you may have to update your t-shirts.

    I hope with some pruning this tree will be OK.

  • Sg

    Noooo!! A little of PoPville died today.

    It’ll grow back eventually!

  • Why on Satan’s Green Earth would this not be a tragedy? Of ferret-tonsil-f*kkin’-course this is a mega tragedy.

  • Leo

    It looks like a Spruce tree. Perhaps a Norwegian Spruce.

  • Pip

    Mystery Tree is correct; it is a Cedar of Lebanon.

  • Home Alone

    Was just under that tree the other day, and found that it’s home to a woodpecker! It’s amazing how many holes he/she has pecked into the limbs of this old cedar. Wasn’t happy that I was there as an uninvited guest. With so much of its bark gone, and with it being held together with steel wire, it seems lucky we’ve got what we have left.

  • IHeartShaw

    Very sad! I love that tree!

  • Pahbs

    Those Lebanon Cedars dont do well in lots of snow. The branches grow in such a way that make them vulnerable to the weight of snow/ice. They didnt really evolve with heavy snow. We should get the city to plant some regionally appropriate (that will grow to be big) trees in Grant Circle, that will take the place of this guy when its time passes…


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