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  • ontarioroader

    It’s actually a full-on bike shop, not just a rental setup. The owner apparently has some deep pockets, so it’s pretty nice that they pay a few employees to come in and and at least shovel the sidewalk and help out the few brave [crazy] souls who try to ride in this weather. For a lot of hourly-pay employees these snow days mean days off without pay.

  • dynaryder

    FYI,my friends and I with mountain bikes are having a much easier time than most 4 wheeled vehicles in this weather.

    • Crazy commuter?

      I agree. I went out right after the last storm on my bike (with slick commuter tires), and except for a few places where my back wheels were just spinning, it was a great ride!

      With layers, biking in the snow is a looot of fun and a lot quicker than either walking or driving.

  • Anonymous

    Wy this shop exists is a complete mystery to me. They have almost no stock of bikes or parts. No one in the neighborhood needs to rent a bike, and no one would drive all the way up here to rent one. Also, the sales staff is completely useless. I’m not even sure they actually ride bikes.

  • b

    have you actually been in this store? they have lots of bikes that are decently priced. they don’t really have a great selection of racing bikes, but they have lots of commuter single speeds, hybrids and other bikes. i definitely think they’re marketed towards the commuter/city bike person.

  • lots of people who live out where i do and work in DC have been riding their BIKES into work. it’s difficult to walk–the sidewalks have not been shoveled, for the most part–and there’s NO METROBUS.

    good for this bike store owner!!!


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