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Good Deal or Not? Cooper Circle Edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 16, 2010 at 1:00 pm 18 Comments


This home is located at 302 T Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“NW DC, Lovely Cooper Circle home, center of historic Ledroit Park. Two completely renovated, sep metered units w/ all amenities, move-in ready. Sunny 3 BR owner’s unit on flrs 2 & 3, open kit, hardwoods, lots of closets. Spacious 1 BR rental on main level covers almost 1/3 mtg pmnt! Perfect for FHA, 1st-time buyer rebate, NO CONDO FEES. Take G-2 Georgetown bus or Shaw Metro. (easy convert to SFH)”

You can find more info and photos here.

I love Anna J. Cooper Circle. What do you think of the renovation itself? How far a walk do you think it is to the shaw metro? And how much do you think you could charge for the rental unit?

Given the above does $649,900 sound reasonable?

  • Joe

    I’d pay 600k today for that, if I had the money, that is.

  • Allison

    It is at least a 10 minute walk to the Shaw Metro.

    • Z

      10 minutes in the snow, 5-6 minutes on a normal sunny day.

  • I love the location, but I haven’t gone to see it because I am personally not a fan of the half and half split. If I own the whole house, I want to have the first floor and above.

  • Columbia Heights Boy

    I think it’s worth it, though you could probably do better in this market.

  • Redhead

    Love the location. The rental unit has one of the smallest bedrooms I’ve ever seen. They had to put a single bed on an angle and even then it looks like an exterior door is about to open right into it.

  • Matt

    Strange but I actually was waiting for this house to come up as a GDoN.

    I looked at this place back in like July of 2009 when it was listed for $350,000. Admittedly, the developed seems to have done some nice work in the living room areas, but there were a LOT of other problems with the house.

    I know the basement needed to be dug out at that point, at least one of the bedrooms had a water issue and had stained a decent portion of the wall, a number of oddly proportioned bedrooms, and a ridiculously small back yard.

    Just something to keep in mind. But given how fast it has been turned around, I’m going to guess that it’s not a godo deal. Maybe it should sell high $500K?

  • Freddy, you can always re-combine the two separate units.

    • gk

      who the heck is freddy?

      if i’m paying $649k, i’d want the house to be pretty darn perfect for me. (i.e. not have to pay additional $ to have two separate units combined). also, the lot/backyard here is *tiny*.

      • Matt

        I just noticed the deck in the pictures. I’m fairly certain that the backyard is now only that deck.

        • gk

          exactly! can’t tell if there’s a parking space under the deck, but i’m guessing there’s no parking based on the listing.

    • Why would you buy a recently renovated house separated like that only to spend tens of thousands of dollars to regain the first floor? (Particularly at $650k)

  • c

    Great location and very cute house – think the realtor should advise them to remove the bars on the windows though. They’re no longer needed (IMHO) and most renovated houses on T street have removed them. Just gives an unsettling feeling to a potential buyer…

  • Fred: Because it’s a good deal in the first place.

  • Bryan

    i visited the open house Sunday. First – awesome neighborhood. There were just a couple problems I couldn’t overlook – the only acces to the outside was through the downstairs apartment, there was no real living room, and it was really, really small.

    Very nice finishes, but just not very livable.
    No parking.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like a steal to me! 4 blocks from Nellies? Are you kidding? Look the Victorians over there.

  • James

    To answer your original question…you could get at least $1300 for that rental unit.


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