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  • DF

    A little better, but still pretty bad. I just don’t understand the need to uglify the neighborhood.

  • big ryan

    If there was only a way to follow the useful stuff on PoP, instead of the useless, door of the day, album of the day, apartment for rent. WTB real info, instead of a random photo from the internets. Split Your RSS feeds lets see whats actually popular.

  • Mal

    I don’t agree at all with big ryan (I feel immoral typing that name).

    I very much enjoy the glimpses around our city with door/house/birdfeeder/etc of the day. You don’t have to comment on them, but it’s always nice to see. I think those are what distinguishes PoP from others and what makes PoP, well, PoP.

  • Columbia Heights Boy


  • Divine

    Good for them for livening up a boring white garage door! In that respect, I think it’s great.


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