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“Dear PoP,

My family and I are planning a visit to DC for the Cherry Blossom festival (my elderly parents, husband and 7 yr old daughter and myself). We found a great vacation rental at 619 Kenyon St, but are trying to figure out it is a reasonably safe neighborhood. The idea is to take the Metro in to all the museums and sights, but at the end of the day, have a spacious family hangout to come back to. All of the reading I’ve done so far suggests that it has not been a very safe neighborhood but is in the process of gentrifying. I know that in these cases (having lived in many “transitional” neighborhoods in my life), the specific location can make a big difference as to safety.”

This is a tough question. I do think the neighborhood of Pleasant Plains is safe. However, personally I don’t think it is ideal for a home base for elderly parents. I say that because while it is not impossible, it is not ideal to catch taxi cabs from this location. It is not terribly far from the Columbia Heights Metro Station at 14th and Irving but it is a bit of a walk. That is my only hesitation. But I’d like to throw it out to the others – what do you guys think – is this a good location for a vacation rental with elderly parents?


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