Friday Question of the Day – What is Proper Cell Phone/Smart Phone Etiquette?


Actually one quick random cell phone question first. For those that use AT&T do you notice that your 3G coverage gets dropped around the U Street area? Mostly around 13th and U I always lose coverage.

But anyway for the real question of the day – what is proper cell phone/smart phone etiquette when with friends or on a date? I’m not talking about on the metro or in a store. I’m talking only about when you’re on a date or hanging out with friends. I know this is a horrible analogy but back in the day it was considered very rude to wear a hat indoors. Folks wear hats indoors all the time now. I used to think if you were hanging out with friends or on a date it was absolutely forbidden to text or check email. Sure with friends it’s slightly different but still, I used to think even then it was impolite to check the phone/email. So today I was at lunch with a friend and I swear it was like being addicted to a drug, I absolutely had to check my email. I apologized but still checked it.

So I’m just curious, has the proliferation of smart phones changed whether or not it is rude to check them with friends or on a date?

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