Washington, DC


A few weeks ago a reader asked about networking opportunities for those that work from home. From the organizer, Wayan Vota:

“With all the interest from your post about networking groups for people who work from home we’ve formed the Green Line Professionals


We know how hard it is to convince both supervisors and spouses that yes, we really are working. We do have responsibilities and deadlines, and no, we’re not slouching around in pajamas or have time to entertain the chatty neighbor. We’re also looking for tips and tricks that make working from home easier – from Skype video to lunch delivery and Internet troubleshooting.

We’re having a Happy Afternoon next week to enjoy the networking and camaraderie that only happens in-person. So come join us at Domku Restaurant, 821 Upshur St NW. We’ll start around noon and spend the afternoon making friends and sharing stories of domestic employment drama. There is free WiFi and for those not constrained, a fine drinks selection to make it a Happy Hour as well.

Green Line Professionals
Happy Afternoon
Friday, Nov 13, 12-5pm
Domku Restaurant
821 Upshur St NW”


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