Washington, DC

Windows facing 14th Street

“Dear PoP,

I have been walking by this building for some time and knew that it would probably be turned into condos in the not too distant future. So the work is taking place as we speak but a couple of months ago I saw with much dismay that whoever is doing the conversion installed some really ugly windows facing 14th Street!!!!! how is this possible? the old windows are so cool and that is what I would want if I were going to live in a industrial style loft! Can we get a campaign going to change these butt ugly windows? I took some photos of the windows facing 14th and windows facing T – you can see for yourself that the windows on T are way better!!!!”

Windows facing T Street

That’s a good observation. I do think the windows facing T Street look better but I don’t think the ones facing 14th look terrible. Which do you guys prefer?


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