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Crepes Scuttlebutt No Longer Scuttlebutt – Two Crepes Spots Coming to 14th Street near S!

by Prince Of Petworth October 25, 2009 at 10:18 pm 22 Comments


A couple of weeks ago I said that a Crepes Place was coming to 1736 14th Street, NW in the old Circle Boutique spot. Well I was close, it turns out Point Chaud Cafe & Crepes will be opening up there. I’m not sure if they’re affiliated with Crepes-a-Go-Go but it sounds awesome! And if that weren’t good enough another Crepes spot, Crepes on the Corner, is coming to the corner of 14th and S in the old Garden District space.

According to the Crepes on the Corner Web site:

“Coming to DC December 2009, owners Chef Vincent Bradberry and Joe Carmack of Garden District bring a simple and genuine crêperie to 14th Street, NW. Both are long time Mid-City business guys with a mindset to use local ingredients and produce.

Expect delicious crpes made fresh to order, homemade soups, salads, and a great cup of coffee. This is the place to get a healthy quick bite for lunch, an after dinner dessert crepe, and to stop by as the bars close.”

What are the odds of two crepes spots opening so close to each other?


  • T.n


  • Matt G

    2 places?! What a pile of crepe.

  • Herb

    I’m sorry that Crepes-a-Go-Go isn’t moving to 14th. I thought that combining strippers with crepes was genius!

  • I would TOTALLY eat at a place called “Crepe-ing G-String” so long as they had a decent bloody mary bar, a two-drink minimum, and strippers who are no more than 6-months pregnant.

  • Larchie

    It’s the beginning of DC’s new “crepe district”!

  • superdude

    I love crepes. Are crepes the new cupcakes?

  • Nuggets

    Superdude’s on the right track; but I offer that crepes and cupcakes are the new crack.

  • LJ

    So a couple of guys who own a plant nursery are also now making crepes to order? Hmm.

  • Dre

    mark my words in 10 yrs this neighborhood will be nothing but hill staffers and law students

  • Back to the 1970s! Can a revival of the Magic Pan restaurant chain be far behind? I wish these proprietors well, but two crepe places across the street from each other would seem to be more than the market would support. On the other hand, there are currently at least five “small plates” establishments of various types — some more booze-oriented, some more wine-oriented — within a few blocks of 14th & S.

  • Bloomingdale

    Doesn’t anybody cook at home anymore? I mean, once every storefront on 14th St. and U Street is a bar or restaurant, can’t we just convert our kitchens into giant wine cellars?

    Seriously it’s good to see new options for quick and cheap(ish) dining. But I wish other retail options were also viable.

  • Trendy food concepts always have a long and lucrative shelf life. Just ask the guys behind Quaker Steak & Lube.

  • @Monkey, QS&L is celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year! (I’m drinking out of a 35th Birthday pint glass as I type this…)

  • Anonymous

    crepes are trendy?

    i think its just that crepes have been mainly missing from dc.
    elsewhere, they just are. even fast food chain crepe places exist. its not like crepe places are a new idea, whereas cupcake bakeries were a new idea.

    dre, please be not the prophet of doom.

  • Bitter Elitist

    I will demand that they have Blueberry compote. Yeah, DEMAND.

  • Neener

    Doesn’t anybody cook at home anymore? I mean, once every storefront on 14th St. and U Street is a bar or restaurant, can’t we just convert our kitchens into giant wine cellars?

    When I used to visit Manhattan in the 1980s I had many friends who wouldn’t cook at home. Food in NYC was dirt cheap, we used to buy like $3 sushi and $4 burritos back then. Also you really didn’t want to store food in certain apartments because the rats would come up from the basement, so it was safer not to.

  • CH Resident

    Now that 3 dollar sushi probably costs 30 dollars and the burrito about 14.

  • Petworth Newbie

    Wonder if these crepes will be better than Napoleon and La Forchette? I’m betting Crepes on the Corner does better because crepes=French breakfast food=dining al fresco=the nice outdoor space will clinch it.

  • Neener

    Yes, but one of those friends of mine sold his company for roughly $7 million and lives in Italy.

  • Ray Swore

    Dre is right, thiis neighborhood will be Hill and law school trash in a decade. Its what we get for having such a tiny geographic area and a huge educated job market.

    side note: I can’t believe they have a chef for this place. What a joke. Any teenager can be taught to make a good cup of coffee, and any short order cook can put prepared fillings in a crepe. Crepe joints have dynamic menus by nature, and the abundance of shops in the US and abroad leaves no lack of inspiration. The reason neighborhoods gentrify (and ultra gentrify) so quick, is that people don’t establish businesses w/ a long term outlook (hence, two designer crepe places on the same block. There aren’t neighborhood institutions to give the area real character, which has the effect of making potential residents realize that they aren’t buying into a vacuum (they have to weigh if they measure up to and will contribute to the neighborhood.

    More and more I’m thinking that gentrified urban neighborhood are just the new shopping malls.

  • Ray Swore

    woops, my point was that if the owner is just the investor and depending on a chef to breathe life into a place, it’s just bound to never get very deeps roots or build character — chef will move on b/c he/she doesn’t have power to really make the entirely their own, and the investor will turn it for a profit b/c its not their labor of love (as much as they may love owning it.)

  • Does anyone know more info on the Point Chaud guys? Vincent (Crepes on the Corner) backed out of catering my holiday party last minute. I think it would be GREAT to get the P-C guys to do it in his stead.


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