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A Note From the Owners of HARD Training Club


Ed. Note: I also noticed that the recently closed gym at 2007 18th Street has moved Capitol Combat Sports to HARD Training Club. This is the building that had a liquor application for a restaurant called Jack Rose, not sure what the status of the restaurant is…


“Hello to All out there,

We’d just like to introduce ourselves- we’ve been alerted to this thread and wanted to address any questions, perceptions, speculations you may have. As of September 1, we’re now open and very happy to be in the neighborhood. If any of you have taken a peek inside, we CAN confirm that- YES, we are a small and no frills facility; and honestly, the name counts for a lot in regards to our setup. We actually don’t mind the comments people make, we DO know the name catches attention and illicits many responses- that wasn’t an oversight, though behind it all we’d like to clarify that the name really stands for a philosophy. Strip away all the amenities (distractions) and the focus is truly on Training; however Hard you want to go.

Our facility IS Spartan, it’s meant to be. To us it’s stripped down to the basics, you still have everything you need for a full workout. We have equipment for strength training; no machinery or bells and whistles but it IS high grade steel, incredibly sturdy, genuine Ludlow pieces that can take whatever you want to dish it: Hacksquat/Leg Press, Wallsquat, Power Rack, Lat Pull, Cable Cross, Preacher Curl, Dip Station, Roman Chair, Calf Raise, and more; as well as free weights: benches, tons of plates, and Dumb Bells from 5lbs to 125lbs; and throw in weighted bars, cross T weights, boxing/ Thai Pads, Heavy Bag, and so on for good measure.

But what we’re most intent on is this being the kind of place where you can swing a heavy rope around your head like a helicopter, do incline situps while throwing sand bags in the air, bounce medicine balls high off the walls, heave a sledgehammer at tractor tires like chopping wood, do balanced pushups on the floor with your feet in Olympic Rings- or do them upside down suspended on the ceiling from our monkey bars, jump plyometric boxes, climb a rope, flip tires down an alleyway all without feeling like a spectacle or raising an eyebrow. Make it fun to break a sweat; to push, influence, and inspire each other; it’s just meant to be a place you can feel free to train however you want to in a laid back and easy going atmosphere.

Being small and low key, there are no locker rooms but there are 2 bathrooms, 1 shower (Bring Your Own Stuff), and lockers with additional storage cubbies downstairs. HARD Training Club is a bit rough around the edges but that’s how we like it; and if you think you’re ok with that- please stop by.

HARD is open to all, in these beginning days we cover a broad span of clientele and we’re looking forward to continue growing that way. HARD doesn’t hire trainers because in this facility everybody’s a member; BUT trainers are welcome- and we have a great and beneficial fee structure to offer. You’re not going to find rates like this anywhere; come by to talk to us about it.

If you read about us on this link just mention that to us and we can give you complementary passes to really give us a try because we know the proof is in the doing.


Educating and Empowering our Members by challenging entrenched training attitudes and stereotypes in a welcoming, “No-Frills” fitness facility.

1726 Kalorama Rd NW (btwn 17th & Ontario); [email protected]

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