Washington, DC


Back in July I wrote that Habitat was moving into the space next door, formerly Moojoo Ken located at 1512 U Street, NW. But I had no idea what was going to move into Habitat’s old space at 1510 U Street, NW. A reader provides some salacious scuttlebutt:

“I was just in Habitat, the purse/ bag shop on U Street. It recently moved downstairs into Moojoo Ken’s old spot. I asked someone working there what was moving into their old spot and he said it would be a sex shop. He seemed to be an honest man, who struggled to find the appropriate English words to describe the shop to me.

While I often look at vacant spots on U Street and brainstorm what this area needs, sex shop has never been the top of my list. Guess I am a bit naive.”

Of course this is only scuttlebutt but I’m dying to hear what you guys think. So for the FQoTD – do you think a sex shop will be a good fit for U Street? Also, do you think the U Street neighborhood association (if there is one) will support or at least not fight a sex shop on U Street?


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