Washington, DC


Thanks to all the readers who sent news about this info. When I stopped by it was pretty crowded as a result of being featured in a Daily Candy email alert. I spoke briefly with co-owner Katerina Herodotou (the other co-owner is Cathy Chung). Katerina told me that she and Cathy, long time friends, wanted to bring a modern aesthetic to vintage shopping. Finding the goods for their store was described as a treasure hunt. They go to auctions, estate sales and other places to find high quality vintage goods. At the moment this is a part time gig for both Katerina and Cathy who currently hold day jobs. As such at the moment the shop is open from Thurs.- Sun.


Beyond the grand opening celebration this past weekend, the spot will continue to feature regular events.


1843 14th Street is located above Som Records and a beauty shop on the second floor (south of T Street).



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