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Mr. Trotman was tragically struck down Monday evening in Park View due to more senseless violence that is plaguing our city. It is easy to debate statistics but we must not forget that some of the victims are innocents who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. My deepest sympathies to Mr. Trotman’s family and loved ones for this tragic loss.

From Ryan’s sisters:

“This is Ryan Randy Trotman’s older sister. It was a senseless crime and the person who committed it should pay. We have lost our beloved brother at the tender age of 28 years. He will be missed.”

and from Ryan’s younger sister:

“Yes the victim was Ryan Randy Trotman he is my brother. And to address the person who “heard” that he was being chased lets verify that statement okay. He was merely standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. He died due to senseless violence.”

And from Ryan’s Mother:

“A damn hard working young man, who graduated from District of Columbia with a double major. Was up to the time of his death doing 2 jobs. He was well brought up and well trained, humble and respectful up to his death. Please honor others feelings and stop insinuating things that are not true.” -says our mother

From CM Graham:

“Two days ago, on June 22, 2009, Ryan Randy Trotman of Maryland was killed on the 600 block of Quebec Pl. MPD has arrested Troy Renard Thomas, 18 years old, of the 3000 block of 3rd St., NW in this case.”


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  1. TO Nikki…PLEASE tell/email me at [email protected] aftr the arrangements has been made as to where the funeral is! Ryan meant a great deal to me. Knew him since UDC and thereafter.

  2. Just Sad.

  3. I hope Mr. Thomas literally rots in jail. This is very tragic.

  4. I think this may be the most important POP post yet.

  5. eric in ledroit

    wow – that is so awful. glad MPD got someone – lets hope for a successful prosecution

  6. @Neener: I agree.

  7. His facebook page is still public, if people want to look around. Looking through the pictures and such, you get a good picture of him as a hard-working good dude.

    Sad sad story. The silverest lining is that an arrest has been made.

  8. Note you can track the suspect through the court docket here:


    However, it isn’t quite working right now, or all week it seems. I’ve asked for it be fixed, but… Anyways, this might be a useful case for us to follow as we generally state that offenders are released or some such.

  9. Thank you to the family of this young man for reaching out to us in your grief. My heartfelt condolences for your loss.

  10. Out of respect for the family who contacted PoP and told them about their loss, I would refrain from the negative comments just once in your bitter lives. The family and friends of Ryan are reading these comments and have already experienced enough pain and suffering.

  11. Random or not, this is tragic and you should respect the family by recognizing their loss.

    Holding judgement, my ass.

    My condolences to the family and friends of this young man.

  12. Of course, it’s tragic. The implications for everyone in the area are pretty devastating if Mr. Trotman was gunned down by a total stranger while standing at Quincy and Werder. A number of PoP readers walk by the intersection twice a day and are, apparently, now at risk of being gunned down Bonnie and Clyde style for no reason. I would say that, as described, this is more than tragic. It’s almost incomprehensible. In the interest of avoiding mass hysteria, this calls out for some facts to emerge.

    How did they make an arrest? Did somebody get the perp’s license number?

  13. Let us pray.

    May Ryan Randy Trotman be welcomed into the Lord’s house and may he there realize his dreams.

    May his family find the strength to find happiness in his absence, and love during these trying times.

    May his friend’s and family find the strength and will to forgive the killer and not seek revenge.

    May we all remember this loss and remind us to cherish every moment.

    May our friends and neighbors, the DC City Council, and all our community leaders find a way to somehow, someway to make this horrible ongoing senseless violence in our community become a memory of the past.

    May all the young children in DC learn to live without needing to be tough to feel cool. And may they lose their passion for guns and ammo, and quick.

    In the name of Lord we pray.

  14. Very interesting to see a Bonnie and Clyde reference. We actually have an old friend in Texas who was the actual child in real life when Bonnie and Clyde burst in to ask for water (if you remember that scene in the movie). And another who was the actual camera-man for the Texas scenes.

    But to the point, this DC young gangster stuff reminds me now of Dillinger, some of the gangsters of old were actually quite popular in their communities. Are we seeing now a replay of the gangster days of old with our young community here? Are these guys popular amongst their peers? Do they know this shoot-em up stuff has already happened in our past so they’re not breaking new ground?

    And anonymous’ point is a good one, are we to find goodness over the fact that this was another innocent such that we move on without outrage?

  15. rough rider family

    Memories live on 4 a life time, and I will definately cherish our days as rough riders. Not to mention hanging out at the book store udc and cutting fullwood class. He was a joy 2 b around and will b greatly missed.

  16. Audios Amigos

    Sad to hear. I wish the thugs would just shoot each other and let people like Ryan Trotman live unhindered as productive members of society.

  17. Thanks for posting this. I think it’s important that we can put a face and story to the victims of these terrible acts of violence.

    My condolences to Ryan’s family and friends.

  18. Prince Of Petworth

    I’m going to ask that we don’t use this space to debate crime (there are plenty of other posts for that). Rather let’s leave this as a tribute for Mr. Trotman. Thank you.

  19. 28 y/o killed by 18y/o. Sounds strange even writing that. But, in the black community, the youth have essentially cowered the older blacks into submission. Everyone is scared to confront them as they are so vicious and have little respect for anyone. At some point in the not so distant past, a hard working guy like this would have never been killed by such a young man. No more. People talk about it takes a village. Not many people in the village are willing to risk their lives confronting one of these unruly teens.

  20. I agree with PoP, don’t use this space to debate crime. God bless the victim’s family.

  21. Thank you so much Prince of Petworth.

    Also Thank you everyone who send there blessings my family and I really and truly appreciate it.

  22. I feel this in two ways. 1, my last name is Trotman as well and I know thats not a common name (usually attributed to the islands or the united kingdom from what i’ve seen) and second, I’ve been a victim of gun crime as well. God bless Ryan and may his soul rest in peace.

  23. dcdivameetztampabay

    First off I want to send my prayers and condolences to the family,friends and fellow Roosevelt Roughriders who touch by this remarkable young man. Ryan was my high bully. But later years we laughed about it.Before Mr. Trotman passed I got a chance to talk to him. I will alwways treasure that. We sitting here wanting revenge for the person who took ryan away from us. But we are missing the main ingredent the killer and us needs forginess. I want the killer to pay for his action oh hell yeah. We have a chance to get it right with God. This Saturday we are having a vigil for Ryan Randy Trotman and Veronica Dubose,a fellow classmate of ryan and I. Please come out and support us. To all walks on life we need you there. Let the families and friends know you truly cared about Ryan because I truly care. I can’t be there. I live in tampa. Life is priceless. To Nikki God will turn your situation to hope. Ryan loved you very much. U brought joy to his life. Whether it good or bad he loved you. God will get u through this time. To the parents of ryan you been through a lot. He wanted to make you proud. And he did. No matter trials y’all been through, he loved you. To the fellow friends and to my ride to die roosevelt roughriders treasure the treachry,laughher,honesty,the fashion critique but the most of the pearls of wisdom that Ryan blessed us with. He gave me hell but I understood why. We must love the lord but we must have confidence and the drive to become something better. Ryan thank you for blessing me with that. You told me in january on facebook. Everybody please come out on Saturday and support the alumni and my fellowclassmates. I don’t if you didn’t like ryan or you too saved to come out or its been ten years and I am to old for this. I am about to put a core to your soul. Its not about you its about God and ryan and veronica family. Please wear orange and blue. Rest in heaven RRT-the real prince of Petworth

  24. Ryan was a good friend of my sister and I. We all met at UDC. I still can’t believe this happened. I miss him, but he was a great guy. He’s in a better place and I am happy to have known him. We played scattegories the last time I saw him and had a ball! I’ll always remember the good times, ALWAYS. Smart, cool, best fashion sense ever, funny, and just rad.

  25. RoughRiders definitely have a bond; I will miss Ryan. We just got back in contact with each other and he I could tell that he mature into a well groomed man. It’s such a shame that his life was taken in that manner. I still can’t get over it. And then a few hours later I found out about Veronica. We went to elementary and highschool together. I may not be able to make it to the vigil but I plan to make it to the funerals to show my respect. Veronica had two children and I pray that friends and family continue to shower them with LOVE.

  26. My family and I including NICOLE (who will always be my daughter), Ryan’s Grandmother and his aunt, truly appreciate all your blessing, prayers, thoughts and sympathy. Your kind words have touched our hearts . Ryan was always a joy in my life, a mentor and exemplary personality to his siblings whom he loved and who loved him in return. He wanted to be everyone’s father including mine (smile!!). This part of my life will never be forgotten and I wish all his friends, classmates, the “roughriders” and everyone else who had the honor of experiencing fun with my child the best in life, pleassssseee, be careful out there, and GOD BLESS

  27. Wow, I’m so sorry to the family and friends of Ryan that they had to lose him in such a tragic, senseless way. He seemed like a really great guy who had a wonderful future ahead of him and touched a lot of people around him. Please keep us updated on the vigil on Saturday with any more info.

  28. And I STILL don’t think this murder has appeared on the pages of any of our local newspapers or via TV news or anything. Has it?

  29. Um when and where is the vigil…

  30. Tragic.

  31. As of now the viewing is Sunday June 28, 2009 at Jenkins Funeral home in Maryland from 6-9 Pm and the Funeral will be held on Monday. I will keep you posted with more info soon. Thank you everyone for the prayers.

  32. Just read the blurb in the Post posted by Shawn. It is truly sad that a life lived on the right side of the law can get such a passing notice from being gunned down. Oftentimes we see these young gangsters killed and hear very little of the cirumstances. By all accounts, this guy seemed to be hard working. That makes this truly a tragedy.

  33. The article says “premeditated.” Is this correct? How did the victim and killer know each other?

  34. anon,
    Premeditated? Damn I just noticed that!

  35. If I recall correctly premeditated doesn’t mean the gunner and victim knew each other and that the gunner sought to kill the victim necessarily. It means the gunner set out to kill someone, with malice aforethought, etc., which might have been Ryan or someone else. Might be wrong but….

  36. Could Nate, Pennywise, Anon kindly take your discussions elsewhere regarding any details you think you might know etc. There is another Posting for that on POP- “shooting in park view.” It would also help if you can read the posting asking you to please not debate the crime here. Family and friends to post tributes.

    “…Rather let’s leave this as a tribute for Mr. Trotman. Thank you.” POP

  37. senseless violence has to stop. Of course this is not a story that will appear on our newspapers or local TV because we live in a neighborhood that does not count. If something like this would have happened in Georgetown, there would have been a lot of coverage and outrage. it is sad but it is what it is.

    My condolences to the family of this young man whose life has been cut short because our elected officials are not willing to take a strong stand against crime.

  38. I knew Ryan Trotman in HS. All I have to say is unbelievable. Very dissapointed that a tragedy like this can take place in a city where the President of United States lives. Why, why are so many of our young men dying in these streets. When is the violence going to stop. Ryan was a funny, popular and well dressed individual. I’m so sorry your life had to end like this. Peace and love to your family. I believed you had a seed, may he/she carry on your legacy.


  39. “The article says “premeditated.””

    For what it is worth, there is a legal doctrine called “transferred intent” – otherwise described as “the intent follows the bullet.” Intent to kill one person with a bullet will apply even if the bullet “accidentally” kills someone else.

    This explanation is offered only to explain that the “premeditated” charge does not mean there was any connection or relationship between the shooter and Mr. Trotman.

  40. I had the pleasure of being with Ryan everyday. We both worked for my father for three years up until the day of his untimely death. Me and ryan got to work everyday at the same time. We ate, laughed, talked, argued, agreed and disagreed agreeably. Ive never been one to post comments or search the internet for other peoples thoughts, but I miss his presence so much, i felt i should share. There are so many tedious tasks that he took care of without being told for 3 years, and there is really a void where he used to be. Ryan gave all his friends and their friends and people that were just standing close to him 100% love. He just wanted everybody to smile and be cool. His death has impacted our life in a major way because i know he would have loved to hear these words while he was living. He lived to impress us, and I hate that i cant tell him how impressed we were with him as a human being. He was way more than a co-worker to us, he was like family, and we dont use that word lightly. Everyone in the neighborhood where we work is extremely devastated by his absence and he will forever be missed. He loved his family dearly, and he loved the shit out of nicole(excuse my french). My deepest condolences go out to everyone who was privy to his love and generosity.Im no stranger to gun related death in my family, so it was a suprise to me that his death affected me the way it has. Ive shed tears and reflected on our day to day. I cant help but look to the corner for his benz to pull up. RIP big dog, you are loved and greatly appreciated.

  41. RIP RRT! If anyone knows exactly where the funerals gonna be at…can u please post the information!

  42. I’m hearing a rumor that an uzi was involved in the shooting. Does anyone know anything about the weapons used?

  43. I went to UDC after Ryan, and had trouble with my juggling act of work/school. Whenever he’d see me he’d pull over, we’d build, talk about how we were both doing with our girl and such.(he loved the hell out of his girl).

    He’d encourage me to keep pushing, because he thought I was smart (a huge compliment coming from him, one of the few people to burrow a book from me and actually read it).

    I have numerous friends who have stories like this… NUMEROUS.

    Most people remember him from when he had hair. If you know someone who may have known him please spread the word so everyone can mourn our loss.

    And to the family, I was thinking about throwing a neighborhood benefit for the other girl who was injured as well as his girl/family for potential costs they may have to take care of. If anyone has contact info please post it, prehaps an email they’re willing to post online and i’ll contact them.

    Thank you for reading my thoughts, as I have been too hurt the past two weeks to write until now. God bless everyone, and please pray for these lost kids who feel the need to kill to feel powerful rather than pray.

  44. I’m sorry one more word. Why the hell would you ask about a gun on this post?

    I’m gonna hold back what I really wanna say out of respect.



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