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Coming and Winner of Longest Running Christmas Decorations

by Prince Of Petworth — June 24, 2009 at 5:30 pm 8 Comments


The Socialist bookstore (I think it was called Pathfinder) located on Georgia Ave just north of the Petworth metro has moved and a new bookstore is coming to the spot. Has anyone ever heard of Sisterspace? Ah, here’s their Web site.


It seems those wreaths are seriously well guarded so it looks like they’ll have many more months of glory…

  • Caro

    Is this going to be a real feminist bookstore in DC?! Exciting! What’s the address there, PoP? Was there any indication of when it will be opening?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It’s just north of the metro on Georgia Ave (east side of the street). I’m not sure when it will open but I promise to update with an exact address when they open!

  • mmm

    Didn’t sisterspace used to be located on U Street?

  • RD

    No, Feliz Navidad house at Kansas and Randolph has to hold that crown. They have apparently been up for several YEARS, not just a measly 7 or 8 months or so.

  • Lisa

    If this is the Sisterspace late of U Street, welcome to the neighborhood. We’ll be right over.

  • Great news, the area can use a bookstore. It also looks as if Sisterspace got some help from Yachad (the Jewish Housing and Community Development Corporation for the DC area). They help support commercial redevelopment in urban areas. It would be great to see more partnerships like this in the area, between nonprofits and independently owned businesses.

  • Anonymous

    I use to work at sister space and books in high school. Great place and the owners are great people. They had been on U st. for years, but were priced out by the property owner. The news covered it a few years ago. Glad to see they are reopening.

  • CHeightsResD

    This is the best development new for Georgia Avenue yet. I am super psyched!


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