Washington, DC


“Dear PoP,

My wife and I recently bought a condo in CH. Its in a converted rowhouse on the end of the block. On the side of the building that isn’t shared with the next rowhouse, there is a small alley about half the length of the rowhouse where we keep our trashcans. The alley is non-functional as it doesn’t connect to the street, but only to the bigger alley in the back. Technically this space is owned by DC, so we can’t really do any improvements on it (re-pave, etc). A friend of mine told me that our condo association should petition to annex the property. Is this possible? Do you or some of your readers have any advice on how to proceed? I didn’t really see anything on dc.gov about property annexation.”

Wow, that would be awesome. Ok, readers is it possible to annex land from the city? Any advice?


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