Dear PoP – Do Columbia Height Dining Options Close Too Early?

by Prince Of Petworth May 29, 2009 at 4:00 pm 23 Comments


“Dear PoP,

Have you ever been frustrated that CH practically closes it’s doors at 9pm? I worked last Wednesday night and got off the metro starving at 9:10pm in CH. Everything was closed- Potbelly, Julia’s, Panda Express. I wanted something reasonably healthy and the only thing open for a quick bite was 5 guys. I disappointedly walked home hungry.

Maybe as move folks move into CH restaurants will stay open later? is 10pm too much to ask?!?!”

I suspect some folks may argue whether or not those are healthy dining options… But I’d say it’s not unusual for spots like that to close at 9pm. By 9pm I think most folks are going home, to “proper” restaurants, or bars. Of course it would be nice to have some late night options like a shawarma place. What do you guys think – do CH dining options close too early?


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