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I Still Love You Cleveland Park

by Prince Of Petworth April 14, 2009 at 11:00 am 38 Comments


I know some readers won’t shed a tear to hear about Cleveland Park’s retail woes but I still have some love for Cleveland Park. I lived in Cleveland Park for 3 years and I think of her as an ex-girlfriend with whom I’ve had an amicable breakup. When I walk through Cleveland Park, I really hope she is doing well. It’s not like a bad breakup when you’re secretly psyched that your ex has gained 25 pounds. I truly wish her the best.

So I was dismayed to read last week that their Starbucks on Connecticut Ave. was closing. What I really don’t understand is that this particular store always seems to be crowded:


As you can see in the first photo, the consignment shop right next door has also closed. The McDonald’s across the street has been closed for years now. I just don’t get it. Then when I walked further up the street, it seems that the Cold Stone Creamery has closed:


I thought things were looking up when we learned a new wine store, yogurt shop and running store had recently opened up. Anyone know why such a established neighborhood is having such a hard time keeping retail? Are the rents simply to high in this economic environment?


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