Reader Suggested Question of the Day

by Prince Of Petworth December 17, 2008 at 11:00 am 21 Comments

Big Dog Barking like crazy, originally uploaded by thrashfall.

A local NBC affiliate is reporting that Albemarle has passed a dog barking ordinance. The article says:

“The new rule states that if a person’s dog barks longer than 30 minutes, a neighbor could take that resident to court.”

So the question is does DC need an ordinance like this? Or does DC have bigger fish to fry at the moment? But keep in mind being woken up by a barking dog for over 30 minutes is absolutely brutal. Though seems like it would be difficult to prove that the dog was barking for over 30 minutes. I’m thinking this ordinance would only work in a small town. What are the steps currently that DC residents can take when dealing with such a situation?



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