The Gentrification Project by Hipchickindc

by Prince Of Petworth December 16, 2008 at 10:59 pm 96 Comments

Photo by Noah Devereaux, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Photojournalist Noah Devereaux actually contacted me. He was looking for renovations in progress to take pictures of. When he explained that he’s doing a photo project currently titled, “Gentrification”, I turned the tables on him and asked him to meet me so I could share about it here at PoP. So, over a weekday lunch in an otherwise empty Domku, I found out a little more about DC through the eyes of Noah Devereaux.

Whereas everybody has something to say when the topic of “gentrification” comes up, Noah’s observation is refreshing. Ed. Note perfect example from yesterday. It’s not an argument or a point of view, but a reflection of a moment in time for each viewer to experience subjectively. There is both a sense of narrative, as well as a documentary quality to the series.  Continues after the jump.

Noah moved to DC about a year ago, and found a place to live, “that I could afford and that was close to Metro.” He hadn’t deliberately set out to take pictures with a theme in mind. Not unlike the Prince of Petworth, he spends a lot of time walking and always carries his camera. As he traversed the city, he began to notice that the images he was shooting were telling the story of transition. “It seemed like I could go short distances and end up in a different world.” He feels like the project has been stewing for about six to eight months.

Noah’s role as a photojournalist is to stay as inconspicuous as possible to capture what he describes as real moments, although he admits to sometimes being conflicted. “I can’t say whether it’s all good or all bad, but it is what I’m living”.

Many of the people, places, and events that end up in Noah’s photos are simply happened into during his frequent walks. One of his most memorable experiences was coming upon a mass baptism by fire hose on an urban street. He also seeks out neighborhood gatherings such as the recent topping off ceremony attended by Mayor Fenty at the Georgia Avenue condos.

More photos can be found at Noah’s portfolio and blog, which is here. Noah is still interested in meeting people currently involved with renovations.


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