Washington, DC

24 hr Laundromat in downtown DC, originally uploaded by Batty aka Photobat.

“I’m sure there are still folks out there who use laundromats, maybe only occasionally (such as when you renovate a basement??). Or even some folks who don’t have laundry in their condo/apartment?

I’ll be without in house laundry for about 6 weeks, so it would be super helpful to know which, if any, of the Laundromats in the area are reliable and maybe even comfortable.”

Hmm, thankfully I haven’t had to deal with this situation in a number of years.  Though I have been pining for a new washer/dryer for quite a while…damn my frugal ways.  Anyway, I’m counting on you guys to give some good advice.  I’d imagine proximity would be more important than comfort.  I know there are a few on Georgia Ave, a relatively new one on Upshur near El Limeno and of course there’s the big one on the corner of 11th and Lamont as well as one on 14th Street across from the Black Cat.  But this particular reader is looking for suggestions near Petworth and Columbia Heights.   So any laundromat users out there?  If there are particularly good ones please list them even if they fall outside the Petworth/CH area.  What makes a good laundromat anyway?  Machines?  TVs?  Vending machines?



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