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  1. i’ve only eaten in the downstirs bar area, but i can say this place rocks! they have one the best happy hours in town, the sangria is not sweet like most places, and you can make a meal out of the appetizers. i highly recommend this place.

  2. It’s not traditional Mexican, but I’ve been there three or four times and have always been very pleased with both the food and the pricing.

  3. I just was walking around there and I wanted to stop by for lunch and unfortunately it is only open for dinner…I recently had mole for the first time which I am kicking myself for not having tried earlier, so i definitely want to see how their’s stacks up.

  4. I’ve only been to the downstairs bar as well, but that was awesome, and I was going to say the exact same thing about the sangria- it was delicious!

  5. Eh I don’t know. It was OK. When I went there I had an 8:30 reservation and didn’t get seated till 9:15 or so, if not later. They apparently had a big party come in last minute and tried to accommodate them and that ate my table, but you know maybe they should have thought about that before taking the big party and making someone who had a reservation wait for nearly an hour. They were nice about it, I got a free appetizer, but you know, didn’t really rub me the right way.

    As for the food, I found everything very very salty, I don’t know if it’s just me, because my dinner companion likes things ridiculously salty, so he was happy. It was OK, not a great experience but maybe I should stick to the bar and appetizers as other posters have mentioned.

  6. A Oaxaca place that has no entomadas or tres leches and instead has tacos and flan? Hmmm. Maybe I’ll wander over there and see if it breaks the normal “Salvadexian” trend of bland mimicry.

  7. Used to go there all the time, had authentic Oaxacan food and a good vibe. But alas, like many places in DC, La Casa eventually started skimping on costs and the food quality has gone way down. It’s not bad, but not nearly as good as it was. Still searching for a decent, authentic sit-down Mexican joint in DC. Probably be searching for a long time.

  8. We went there about a year ago and loved it. The food was great and we got an excellent recommendation from a very knowledgeable waiter on some special tequila for desert. We tried the fried grasshopper dish, which was not my favorite but it was fun to say we had it. All told, anything with the special Oaxacan cheese is delicious! I definitely recommend giving the place a try, especially for a special occasion.


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