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Random Reader Rant – Open Thread

by Prince Of Petworth October 3, 2008 at 12:00 pm 26 Comments

Per a reader’s suggestion I’m opening up a random thread. Last week’s was very successful. You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

  • David

    Well, it is a beautiful day to leave the office early! We were broken into while we were away on vacation. Who knew we were gone? Tere was a fellow taking pictures of the house today. Odd, since it wasn’t PoP. Are we abel to get trees to replce the ones planted by the city last year that failed due to the drought? The neighborhood looks fabulous after the rains we’ve had. The book from the new PoP bookclub is a good read, and is temporarily replacing the Economist on the metro ride. I hope to see more fellow PoP readers carrying the book around.

  • Oh yeah we are meeting at Red Derby on Monday at 7pm to talk about the progress of the book and to hang out and talk about other books or whatever. David I hope you will make it. The group is open for people to join anytime!

    Also, don’t forget to come to McFadden’s in Georgetown this Sat between 8-11pm for the AASL open bar party! Say AASL at the door and $20.00 will get you 3 hours of unlimited coors/miller lite (bottles an draft), house wines and rail drinks! Plus I will be bartending!

  • Julie

    I second the bookclub! It was great to put some faces to handles on PoP. My team won Trivia night at Looking Glass last night. It really helped that there were only 3 teams…but I will take $60 off my bar tab anyway I can get it.

  • StubsDC

    What book is being read?

  • Greenzo

    I got yelled at for taking photos inside a Harris Teeter. Is it legal to take photos inside grocery stores?

  • David

    Stubs, the book is The Turnaround by George Pelecanos. Covers our area. I only found it in hardcover at this time.

    Kalia, I would love to go Saturday and Monday, but baby duty precludes.

  • @Greenzo -A lot of retail stores do not let you take pictures inside them. Some places don’t even like it when you take pictures of their street fronts…which is rediculous!

    @Stubs and David, CHLibrarian said she can put holds on the books at the other locations if you request them. You just have to let her know. As soon as my roommate finishes reading the copy I borrowed from the Petworth branch I will return it.

  • Anonymous

    David, my house was also broken into while I was gone for a weekend back in June…

    I have often worried about people watching me leave my house with a suitcase when I go on vacation. And sometimes even when I’m just leaving for work! Is that paranoia?

  • U street girl

    Did anyone hear helicopters (sounded like a lot of them) around midnight last night? and anyone know what they were there for? I read there was a drug bust in NE, but that’s far away from my U street abode.

  • David

    U Street, I heardthem, and there were also helicopters about at 6:15 this morning. Perhaps this morning’s were the fake Presidential ones. Not sure.

    Anonymous @ 2:15, we were lucky that the thief seems to have run away with just one drill from the basement, probably frightened that the police would show up within a few minutes as the alarm was screaming. We are now looking into getting new security doors, but all the bids for three basement windows and three house doors are coming in at $5,000 plus. Eak. The follow up police work after we returned, however, was stellar.

  • I have a rant:

    Stop leaning on the poles in the metro cars!! You’re taking up the entire pole during rush hour. There’s no reason for it and it’s selfish. Also, I don’t enjoy having my hand smashed between you and the pole.


  • @David, when my house was broken into 2 years ago in MD they also took my power drill, among other much more valuble items. Of the stolen items the power drill was recovered! Maybe yours will make it home as well!

  • @ house broken into while on vacay. We always leave at dark o’clock or put the luggage in the car in the middle of the night to try and throw off the scent.

    When we left for vacay in August one of the neighbors who owns a cab was driving off and stopped and said, “Are y’all going on vacation? Where ya headed?” and I looked at her blankly thinking, “Stop announcing my comings and goings!”

  • Your a pickle and I am 2

    I wish the lady who lived across the alley from me would stop playing gospel music so loud that I can hear it in my living room while watching TV. Also, I wish she would mind her own business and stop talking about me and my room mate. Our windows are open and we can hear you loud and clear. Stop hate’n on us because we don’t need section 8 to afford our apartment.

  • David

    SingLike, well, we did make the mistake of climbing into the cab with bags in tow in broad daylight. Kalia, MPD said they would almost certainly recover the drill if we had the serial number, which I didn’t (at a pawnshop, which would also give them access to an ID). Everybody, write this stuff down. If MPD gets one ID connection, they are on the road to nabbing one of the very few people causing us trouble.

  • Rant: The house in a mess. I’m slaving away at a mind-numbing project at work. I’ve got so many aches and pains that I feel like curling up in the fetal position.

    Revel: I messed up the house making food for people who genuinely appreciate it. I have a job that allows me feed, clothe, shelter, and entertain myself. I get to go out tomorrow and run the ball down someones throat with the knowledge that come sunday my opponent will hurt worse than I.

  • Kay

    Rant – I don’t like those pole leaners either – so selfish and rude.

    Revel – I sold a home in crazy economic times, the weather is just amazing adn as flipflopirate says I can feed, clothe and otherwise provdie for my family. All really great thigns.

  • struggling

    Here’s a rant… graduated with masters degree in May….. still job-less. great program, good grades, references, etc. the process is so long and I don’t know how much more patient I can be. temping now and using 1 1/2 braincells per day… will i ever get a job in DC? or is the whole country just not hiring anyone in my field?

    revel- recently engaged to someone wonderful who is so supportive and gives me a reason to smile every day…

  • David

    Struggling, the Feds are hiring. For normal positions, you qualify for a GS-9 with the masters. The pay rises fairly quickly thereafter. Some agencies pay student loans. Trick is to quantify answers in your applications. If you have KSAs to complete on an application, try to use bullets, and quantify.

  • Sharon

    Rant – there are still too many mosquitos out during the day. And two of my neighbors put their dogs outside where they bark for hours on end.

    Revel – a gorgeous fall day, a weekend with no work, and my 15 year old dog has a bounce in his step again.

  • SG

    Caveat: I love this website and thouroughly enjoy visiting it.
    Semi-rant: Although I enjoy taking an inside look at properties for sale in the ‘hood, I don’t find the discussions that follow the “Good Deal Or Not” feature on this site to be particularly useful. Almost invariably, the posts devolve into rants about how “delusional” the seller is for expecting someone to come along and pay what they are asking. Maybe I am just in real estate fatigue but the same complaints about pricing were being made 5 years ago at the height of the bubble and they’ll be made at the bottom as well. If it’s out of your price range, it’s never going to be a good deal. That’s not to say that some properties are not overpriced compared to comparables in the market. But most of the price criticisms appear to originate from a position that is informed by anger and frustration rather than actual knowledge of the local real estate market. By the way, I’m not a real estate agent and have no financial stake in the real estate market other than my own home which I have no plans to sell in the near future.

  • Anonymous

    I was almost hit by a garbage truck while crossing New Hamphire ave at Randolph street this am on the way to the Metro. The light had clearly turned red, but the garbage truck continued to barrel through it about 30 seconds after it turned red. I yelled at them and they yelled back and I thought they were seriously going to kick my ass – not a great situation. I almost called the cops, but was already late for work.

  • Cait

    RANT: I was just reading the “almost hit by garbage truck rant” and I was thinking that man the garbage people in DC are sooo LOUD compared with other cities I’ve lived in… that and they come whatever time they want, sometime an agreeable 8-10am but sometimes 2-5 is just as likely… I’ve been out in my alley when they’re doing their thing and there does not seem to be any reason why they are yelling at the top of their lungs other than to make sure everyone is up at painful hours with them.

  • New Hampy

    cait – try 7:30 on a saturday morning! no joke – there’s no rhyme or reason as to when they come. it’s very bizarre.

  • Perry

    My current irritation: folks who park in the middle of big street spots instead of maximizing space by pulling or backing up closer to the car in front of or behind them.

    Yesterday I watched a neighbor pull into a spot big enough for two cars. I watched her back up to within a reasonable distance of the car behind her, and then put her car back into drive and pull forward another four feet, effectively claiming both spots for herself. (And no, her car ain’t all that.)

    I know there are times when it can look like you parked like a selfish pig — when your car stays and the cars around you leave, only to be replaced by cars that left a huge space cushion around yours — but geez, when I see the space hogging going on, I get positively apoplectic.

    It’s the city, man. We all have to park. Do your part to get help us all get the most out of the space available.

  • Almost Homeowner

    Rant: My fiancee and I are in the process of buying a house – we’re almost done with the inspection and we were almost to the home strech until this insane financial crisis caused PMI (private mortgage insurance) to skyrocket. I know we’re lucky to even GET a loan, but the payments we had projected have gone up by several hundred dollars. Now we aren’t sure if we’ll be able to afford our payments! We’re running through all the scenarios now and hoping for the best, but we’re very nervous…

    Hope: I hope the bailout yields SOME type of positive effect in the very near future (ie before we have to lock in our rate!) I also wish I had a better understanding of this whole debacle. No matter how much I try to learn, it never quite sinks in.

    Rave: My fiancee and I are getting married in less than two weeks from today! I just hope we’ll have a new home to celebrate in. Cross your fingers for me!


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