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Timor Bodega: Greatest Bodega in the City!

by Prince Of Petworth August 11, 2008 at 11:25 pm 25 Comments

DSCN1872, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I decided to check out the Timor Bodega located at 200 Rhode Island Avenue after hearing so many good things in a previous comment section. I was not disappointed. First of all I love the fact that they call themselves a Bodega. For some odd reason this has been controversial in the past. I’m way pro bodega for the record.

This Organic Grocery has been opened since December by owner Kim Wee, 34 (photo after the jump). Mr. Wee stocks his store with organic and local produce (plus lots of great wine). The store continues to evolve based on neighbors requests. He is one of the few, if not only, shop to stock local produce 7 days a week. Since Mr. Wee runs the store on his own the hours are a bit limited during the week (4:30pm – 8:30pm Mon – Fri). If you want to see what an awesome bodega looks like you can check them out on the weekend as well (Sat. – Sun 8:30am – 7pm). Check out lots of great photos of the interior after the jump.






  • eric in ledroit

    you finally found the best corner store in the city. timor bodega absolutely rules. i’ve been living on 2nd street for six years waiting for seriously good retail and Kim’s store came out of left field and blew me away. a huge cross section of the neighborhood gets non-agribusiness milk there – not just gentrifiers. kim runs exactly the kind of store i would run in my wildest dreams of running a corner store my own damn way. ledroit park and bloomingdale are amazing neigborhoods and this store along with windows market are the two stores that really show how awesome the hood is.

  • GeorgiaAve

    This store looks fantastic! We had a lot of good local stores in Adam’s Morgan – one on Adams Mill & Lanier and another on 18th St. There was a Korean business owner’s association that worked together for acquiring what they sold in the stores, and they took requests. Ahhhhh, nice.

  • eric in ledroit

    The dairy products come from Trickling Springs Creamery – http://www.tricklingspringscreamery.com/ – in Chambersburg, PA. Such good stuff. Try the ice cream!

  • Anonymous

    Timor Bodega has outstanding whole coffee beans roast to order, delicious ice cream from Trickling Springs creamery, and Georgian wines (for those who want to make a political statement :) ).

  • Micah

    Love it, love it, love it! Timor has a great beer selection too. And the milk is deliciously creamy and full of the flavor that you lose when you drink the mass produced, homogenized variety. Rock on Kim!

  • Marissa

    My girlfriend (and our dogs) love Timor Bodega as well. You have to try the blood orange juice with Kim’s suggested champagne. Makes for a DELICIOUS mimosa. We’re so happy we moved here.

  • OMG! The ice cream AND the full fat yogurt and full fat cream. And glass bottles for milk. How cool is that? We used to use them when I was a kid…return them to the store and get a new full bottle.

  • conrad gross

    Do they take bottles back at Timor?

  • Anonymous

    They do take bottles back. It’s $2.

  • MT

    Just want to point out that you can also get milk delivered to your house in those bottles. (Not that I want to take business away from Timor).

  • Reminds me of the corner stores in San Francisco. Very, very nice. Let’s hope this idea spreads. You can be a corner store and carry good food.

  • OB

    What makes bodegas great is that they are in a convenient location and save you from a longer trip (time and distance) to a supermarket/grocery store. Which is why I’m bummed about my recently burned down bodega. However, in the case of this bodega I would actually hop in my car to do my produce and meat shopping there. How are the prices?

  • New2CH

    Man, I would love a place like this in Columbia Heights … if one of the several corner stores around Sherman / 11th were smart, they would diversify their stock to include these type of items, they’d get a ton of additional business …

  • The prices are consistent with real food/local/organic.

    Another thing I get out of shopping at these local places is having dialogue with the owner. He knows who we are and what we like to buy. It’s so much more pleasant than going to a supermarket.

  • At the risk of reintroducing the argument of the month… I think that this is exactly the sort of place that people who are critical of the wine bar on 11th would prefer to see on that block instead.

    In the discussion about who is served by various sorts of establishments, that argument somehow got reduced to a debate about “yuppie drinking spots” vs “youth centers,” but I think that the unspoken preference, at least for some, was simply for small shopping establishments, like this, which provide healthy but affordable food and an alternative to a large grocery store.

    I would absolutely flip out if one if these came to my area…

  • eric in ledroit

    yes hipchick kim is always recommending wine and produce that he has that he knows i’ll go for.

    rememeber folks this store can be just a block away from you – buy a gorgeous condo in parker flats – awesome old school building conversion!! parkerflats.com

  • New2CH

    Brad, I guarantee you most of the people opposed to the wine bar would also be opposed to this place: (1) it sells alcohol, but more importantly, (2) it would be viewed as catering to yuppies and higher income folks (Rao’s tomato sauce is tasty, but it ain’t cheap), which is the real issue troubling MOST of those opposed to places like the wine bar. (It is not red herring like redundancy — if it was, they’d be out protesting the loss of a valuable vacant commercial space on upper 14th street to yet another fast food chicken place in CH).

    In any event, there are already plenty of corner stores up and down 11th and Sherman (plus Park Market on 13th and Park Road). But they all pretty much serve the same type of things, for the most part — bags of chips, beer, lottery tickets, etc. It wouldn’t take much for someone to spruce up their store and expand into these types of goods. So the question is not commercial space, it is the willingness to embrace something beyond junk food and beer.

  • OB, I just noticed that Kim’s prices are actually in the pics above…

  • MT

    The Continental Market on Sherman and Fairmont, while definitely not Timor, sells a lot of organics, produce, etc and has been spruced up. It is nothing like the other stores on Sherman.

  • OB

    hipchick you must eat a lot of organic carrots because I can barely make out some of the Local let alone the Organic and forget about the Breads, Meats, and Ice Cream. I will definitely check it out… we may have a contender to the new Harris Teeter. Though I do love free samples :p

  • Bloomingdale

    Love this place. He will even tell you if the spinich that you are about to buy is past its prime for eating raw. Not a great cheese selection, but the trickling springs stuff is some of the best milk/butter around. Bonus points for the fact that the owner often seems to be stoned.

  • The ice cream is $4. a pint and worth every penny!!!

  • KKenyon

    Amazing! Looks like a great store to tide me over when the farmer’s market closes during the winter!

  • peter knockstead

    Kim Wee and his shop are awesome. So is Window markets. Good job and thanks for your shop and friendly comunity spirit. I wish other corner stores would act the same

  • cmk

    kim’s store was a major factor in our choice of neighborhood’s. clean, local produce and many other goodies make this our favorite place to shop in the whole city. way to go, kim!


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