Washington, DC


The U Street area’s newest fashion boutique, Profile, is located at 2003 11th Street, NW right next to Bohemian Caverns and officially opened on May 4th. The boutique is in a great building. There are two floors with fresh exposed brick. The first floor features men’s clothing while the second floor, which is a bit larger, features women’s clothing. I briefly chatted with founders Tala Raassi and Kourosh Chitsaz. They describe the store as a high end boutique with pieces from Sao Paolo, Milan, NY, LA and elsewhere. Tala is actually a designer herself and her pieces are currently being manufactured in Italy and will arrive in the store at the end of July. One of the reasons they opened the store was because they noticed that there was a void in the area of this type of boutique. While only open a short time the owners mention that they already have many folks coming in and expressing their approval. Actually while I was leaving the store two folks walked up to Kourosh and told him how much they love the store. Kourosh says that the shop caters to almost everyone but he is particularly keen on catering to the locals in the neighborhood.

The store had an opening party on May 4th (see poster after the jump) with DJs. I was happy to learn that they will continue to have events in the store with DJs probably around once a month. The store really reminded me of a cool spot in the village of New York City. It is definitely a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Even if I’ll stick to my track suits and t-shirts just knowing a place like this has come to 11th Street is great because it adds to the overall flavor of the neighborhood. Certainly worth checking out. See more photos after the jump, unfortunately there is still a tint but I got a new camera last night so I’ll try and go back and take some proper photos.


Ms. Tala Raassi below.


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