Washington, DC

Dear PoP,

I have an interesting question of the day for you. With more and more
people putting their houses on the market I noticed that everyone is
trying to entice potential buyers to their place. I pass a house on
Hamilton Street (I believe the 600 block) when going to work. This block
has about 4 or 5 rowhouses up for sale and one of the real estate signs
has a little sign on top that says “Exciting Interior.” My question is
do these work? I mean would anyone see that sign, stop and think man I
better get in there to see that exciting interior? The house has been on
the market for a few months so I would say the exciting interior is not
helping the sale.

Maybe they just need a talking house…  So what are some effective marketing tools you’ve seen around town?  Or even better what are the worst marketing tools you’ve seen?


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