Washington, DC

wilco_underdog_corner, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

[Ed. note: This entry submitted about 6 photos or so but I’m afraid I can only post the first one, hopefully you can get the gist of this great entry from this picture. Winner announced Feb.22nd!]

“Home is my favorite place in the city. More specifically, the
Underdog Corner is my favorite place at home. It’s humorous, leafy
and bright. It just makes me happy.[Entry continues after the jump.]

[image of pumpkin]
These pictures belong to a series is a photos taken every day of a dog
pumpkin on a table. It chronicles the pumpkin’s life span from a fresh
jack russell o’ lantern to a puddle of pumpkin pudding. If my former
roommate Erin is reading this — I’m so sorry about your farmhouse
table. I hope that this art project gave it a trendy distressed look!

[image of sparky]
This velvet oil painting is from my grandmother, who bought it from
her artistic neighbor in Taiwan. She liked it so much she brought it
to America and I inherited it. We hung it over our electric panel but
left the bottom of the panel exposed as a title plaque. Fittingly, we
named him Sparky.

[image of the real dog]
This is our dog. He was an hour away from meeting his maker at the
animal shelter before we rescued him. He’s very sweet and is a
world-class lounger, as you can see. He loves to laugh and take long
walks. One of my favorite things is to ride around Petworth while
Trotsky jogs along.

[image of tofu puppy]
This portrait of Boston Terrier puppy named Tofu is by artist Jeff
Faerber. The portrait was part of a photo project — a day in the
life of Tofu in New York. There are photos of him going to the dog
park, getting “I Heart Mom” written on his hinder in a tattoo parlor,
and living life to the fullest. Although he’s a born and bread New
Yorker, Tofu loves DC and intends to stay.

[image of Mexican dogs]
My dad brought me a flower pot he said would be perfect in the
Underdog Corner, but I had no idea why a striped-sweater wearing
Tyrannosaurus Rex that’d fallen on its face was appropriate. When you look closely, you can tell that it’s a dachshund in a sweater. The
dog bookends, painted by artisans in Tijuana, Mexico, were a gift from
my boyfriend.”


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