• bogfrog

    hey! I passed this on Sat en route to Ft Totten. What exactly is going on here?

  • I live in the house with the yard connected to the house in question. On Friday at 4:10 the house REALLY began to fall, though it had been happening slowly since at least October. No one lived there for 2 years, though kids partied in it and walked in the little path where the bricks fell.

    My housemate kept a record of all his calls and emails to the city and when the TV cameras came Friday he ran out and passed out copies. He was on FOX 5 and CBS 9 friday night. Late that night they began to knock the rest down, which is taking some time. There’s a concern about how they are/not following EPA rules about dust and lead, but otherwise the effort is pretty good. We’re glad no one was hurt.


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