Charter School on Georgia Ave.

by Prince Of Petworth February 3, 2008 at 11:44 pm 8 Comments

IMG_6670, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Some folks have written in requesting a photo of the charter school on Georgia Ave. just south of LGL. Notice it’s proximity to Lion’s Liquor &…

  • Binkles

    I was wondering what that building was – I’ve walked by it several times thinking:
    a.) what’s with the small windows? It looks like something awfully shady
    2.) who did the architecture for this thing? The same person who designs shoe boxes?

  • Geezer

    I actually like it except for the fact that it presents a large, monolithic wall on the Lions and Liquors side. I see this all over the city – large, looming structures (to which I generally have no objection) interfacing with small, often historic structures with no “stepdown” to the lower elevation (The Floridian and new construction on the 400 block of Mass Ave, NW, for example). Simple consideration to sightlines and architectural balance seem to be beyond the interest or ken of those who review and approve such structures. With all of the time, money (and permanence) of such implementations, it’s pretty inexcusable.

  • Nathan

    Small windows are likely to keep stray bullets from hitting kids on the 2nd floor. Also to keep the kids from seeing the vagrants walking along Ga Ave.

  • j of the jtl

    i can picture the graffiti on the lions side of the building already… maybe a mural would be good to try to keep it away.

  • dcdrew

    I think the original plan of the Floridian was for a Phase Two to be build on the south side where the Sales office and abandoned row houses are located. That is if there is a Phase II.

  • Anonymous

    Jeez folks–Ever heard of a gym? That is the space that has the small windows. In most schools it is a big separate building or wing, so nobody wonders why there are no windows.

  • bogfrog

    Next to the Liquor Store *and* the proposed Central Union Mission, mind you…

  • Toby

    I can just imagine the liquor store posting a no students allowed sign or something, as well as the school ruling that the next door liquor store is off-limits. But what do you expect from a charter school. As a parent, I would never send my kid to a school on such a busy street (GA Ave.) next door to a liquor store. And as a teacher, it’s time for a little grammar lesson: its (the possessive form for a thing, his, hers, its) takes no apostrophe; it’s with an apostrophe is a contraction for it + is.


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