Washington, DC

Holy canoli! I think this would be phenomenal. Of course I love hiking but still an REI would be fantastic, no? A reader writes:

“I recently came across news on the Columbia Heights News website that REI is considering a location at the new DCUSA in Columbia Heights. This would be a great addition as the outdoor coop is a solid company known for, besides quality outdoor gear, being an all around good and ethical company – the kind of retail neighbor that would be awesome for the neighborhood.

It would be helpful for those interested to be in touch with all the usual suspects when dealing with DCUA (Jim Graham and GridProperties – [email protected], [email protected][email protected]), but particularly with REI.

In response to my email to Grip Properties in support of the REI, I was told the following:

Thanks for your e-mail. It would be most helpful if you and your friends and colleagues would contact REI directly. They are new to urban markets and need to hear directly from their potential customers.

After a few email exchanges with REI, I was informed that the best way to get in touch with them was through this link: http://www.rei.com/shared/help/feedback/servicefb.html – Surprisingly, they said they will forward any emails regarding the project to administrative offices associated with such things.

I think this would be a huge development for the community. The Columbia Heights News website mentioned they were in direct competition with Ross Dress For Less (you know, the store very similar to the Marshals already moving into DCUSA) – so either way its probably a good thing if community members made their preferences known.”


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