Nani Kafe Doing It Right!

by Prince Of Petworth February 18, 2008 at 4:16 am 13 Comments

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Big props to Nani’s for replacing their temporary sign with this nice proper one. Be sure to check them out if you live in the Park View Neighborhood. They are located at Sherman and Harvard and make a mean cappuccino…

  • tania jackson

    The neighborhood between Columbia Heights and Parkview is actually called Pleasant Plains . . . hence the name of the Civic Association. I’m really happy to have a coffee shop like this down the street from me; it’s an easier alternative for me in the AM. It’s walkable from Parkview & CH as well, obviously.

  • drewlove

    I’ve lived in the 700 blocks between Georgia and Sherman for five years. When I moved in, I thought it was Columbia Heights, and still consider it so as that is what my DC tax record states. Some people refer to it as Pleasant Plains, which was the original desiganation of the area from Adams Morgan to Georgia Ave, including Mt. Pleasant. So where does Park View Neighborhood come from?

  • Anonymous

    Park view is immediately north of Pleasant Plains…but don’t ask me for the exact boundary. All I know is i receive the ParkView community newsletter…but from my understanding it’s still a part of Columbia Heights…yes…no? Anyway, Nani Kafe will be checked out at some point

  • Richard

    There are no OFFICIAL dc neighborhoods. The only official areas as far as the gov’t is concerned is Wards, Police Districts, Zip codes, etc. Other than that, it’s all money and marketing. Well, of course a metro stop name doesn’t really hurt.

  • what DC puts on your tax records doesn’t really matter, that’s just there for the bean counters. one of the big things is that there are neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods. like, shaw is an uber-neighborhood, but there are sub-parts inside of it, like truxton circle, blagden alley, logan circle, etc.

  • Anonymous

    like Holmead Village, which is a sub-neighborhood of columbia heights

  • Nani is my favorite neighborhood spot…a 2 block walk from home, fresh coffee, delicious danishes, and tasty sandwiches.
    I encourage everyone around the ‘hood to visit this great local spot ASAP!

  • Rachel

    I keep meaning to go here…does anyone know how early/late the place is open?

  • El Gringo

    Do they have a serviceable toasted bagel and cream cheese? Hard to find that anywhere…lots of substandard imitations.

    Even if they don’t, I’m always down for more local coffee spots – Despite (or because of) the quality product, Col Hgths Coffee is a clusterf*$K on most weekend mornings….

  • bogfrog

    What about WiFi at Nani?

  • Nani Kafe

    Thanks everyone for the positive outlook.
    We are open M-F 7 AM -7 PM and Saturday 7 AM – 6 PM, we are closed on Sunday for now because we’re still working on the shop to expand the menu and to have more sitting area especially outside sitting. Yes, we have Bagel with cream cheese and we do any occasion party platters any size. No WiFi yet. If anyone has any suggestion please fell free to contact us. E-mail nanikafe @ yahoo. Com
    Thank you all.
    And Thanks Prince Of Petworth

  • Kirubiel

    The sandwiches at Nani Cafe are wonderful. My personal favorite is the roast beef. She also serves an excellent cup of coffee. I think it is Italian roast.

    If you haven’t been there, then you definitely must check it out

  • nAnI kAfE Rep. (eri prince*)

    nani kafe is a great place to get a goOd cup of joe and a great espresso
    the smothies are the bomb!
    the sandwiches are sensational and gigantic
    for good prices


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