Washington, DC

IMG_6862, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

It gets a big thumbs up. It was awesome. I now see why it is crowded all the time. Not simply because it is new but because the ambiance, food and wine are all fantastic! The servers were extremely nice and the hosts were attentive, keeping you updated and reassuring you that they hadn’t forgotten about you. Here are the earlier photos I took inside Cork, located at 1720 14th Street, NW. I had about a half an hour wait before I got a table Friday night, but that is a half hour well worth waiting. Particularly when you can wait sipping some delicious wine. Despite my having taken a wine course in college I really don’t know much about wine (except I remember most of the corks are from Portugal…) But as I was waiting I had a terrific Pinot Noir. Now I can’t tell you that the wine had this type of body and that type of nose blah blah blah, what I can tell you is that it tasted freaking good. What better way to judge wine? You can also get the wine tasters where they bring you three selections.

I should add that the space is really nice as well. In addition to the front room and bar there is a back room and a loft area. Very open and comfortable. And the food was terrific as well. Pictured above is some goat cheese and tomato that absolutely rocked. After the jump check out the duck, a sweet cheese platter (both equally delicious) and a really cool bicycle someone parked out front.


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