• Anonymous

    too bad its got a hillary sign in the window. not that im an obama supporter or a republican, but its such a joke how so called liberals and progressives think hillary is their savior. what a crock of sh%t. she co-sponsored an anti-flag burning amendment. she is pro-war. this house in the pic is nice, but the peace symbol and hillary sign is laughable.

  • lazy cake

    Politics aside, I love the garishily bright paint job.

  • Parkwood Person

    I love the door and the numbers on the transom. Humm… antlers…. perhaps a sign that those of the Texan persuasion WILL be going with Hills?

  • JohnnyDonaghy

    My girlfriend lives in the basement apartment. They just painted.

  • Abby Normal

    Hey Anonymous,

    What did Hillary do to you, did she kick your dog or something? :-)

  • Sarah C

    looks like the house accross from the park between New Hampshire and 17th st


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