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Friday Question of the Day: Am I A Hypocrite?

by Prince Of Petworth February 1, 2008 at 12:09 am 18 Comments

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So, it just hit me the other day. I remember being outraged at the anti-war posters that went up over dozens of lampposts all over the city. I was truly outraged – not at the message but at the ugliness of all the posters. And then it recently occurred to me that I have been seeing dozens of band announcements on lamppost all over the city. And I love it! Even when they get a bit old, they make me smile, reminding me of what a cool and vibrant city we live in. So what the hell is that? Isn’t that totally hypocritical of me? Can I support concert posters but not political ones?

  • GuinnessPhish

    yes, hypocritical by definition…

    however, seeing a band poster is way more amusing than seeing a political message being shoved down your throat…

    the only exception is that I can’t imagine the disgust and horror of seeing one of those big booty stripper joint post cards blown up to the same size poster at the bottom of a street lamp post….

  • AngryParakeet

    I see that the lamp post base is a brand new one, so any poster detracts from a cleaned-up appearance of recently upgraded sidewalk-scape. And how will that poster look 3 months from now? Even if it is torn off, an ugly glue and paper residue remains.

  • reuben

    hey, i am a pro football -loving socialist! this makes you…… human…..
    know what i mean?

  • New Hampy

    The direct answer is yes, it is hypocritical – but you’re still our PoP.

    My memory of the hoopla over the lamp-post posters, is that it’s safe to say that this site generally felt that three should be no tolerance for these types of posters other than what is allowed by city ordinance.

  • I know this is splitting hairs & all, but…

    There’s something ugly and invasive about many of the big protest flyers: Many times, the protests are not organized locally, and they involve bus-loads of well-intentioned shouting people from all over the country, etc… So there’s the vibe of having your home town stomped upon by self-centered zealots from “out there”…

    …whereas show flyers tend to be more homespun. More often, the band is local, and certainly the venue is a local indie business, etc.

    So I’m a hypocrite as well. Eh. I’ve been called worse.

  • Ron

    How much do you want to bet that Justin and his Driving Rain pals won’t be back to scrape those posters off the lampposts after the show.

  • chris

    well, one thing that irked me about the anti-war protest posters was that when asked by the city to contribute a reasonable amount of $ for the clean-up, they refused AND sued the District.

  • Chris: that’s what I’m talkin’ about…. arrogant scum-baggery!

  • I’d like our public street fixtures like streetlamps, garbage cans, and benches to remain free of any postings, be they political or commercial. Litter is litter.

  • GforGood


    Chris: and you think Rock Roll Hotel would contribute if the city asked? Ok, I admit they probably would not sue the city though. :)

  • DCer

    The bands are giving you something. Protests that are against a cause are the dumbest, more horrible ideas EVER. I only attend protests that support something, never protests that are against anything. This is a very obvious point that is lost on a lot of people- it is fruitless to be against anything, it’s only important to be for something.

  • Sean

    I am going to go post a bunch of flyers all over town that support ME.

  • bogfrog

    @ Sean — is there a reward if we find you/your poster?

  • Shawn

    I mean, as long as you acknowledge both are legal, and agree that it should stay that way, it’s fine. If you were so outraged that you thought them putting up posters should be illegal, then yeah you are a hypocrite.

    I honestly think some of you people have your priorities backwards, though.

    The anti-war posters let people know about a civic gathering. Thousands and thousands of people were angry and marching to protest a war that has resulted in thousands of American lives lost and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilian lives.

    The music posters are just for a performance..

    I think the anti-war posters are more important to people’s lives, more meaningful to our democracy than a poster advertising what is essentially a commercial service. DCer, your philosophy of protests is flawed.

    What is the definition of a protest? (www.m-w.com)

    1: a solemn declaration of opinion and usu. of dissent:
    2: the act of objecting or a gesture of disapproval
    3: a complaint, objection, or display of unwillingness usually to an idea or a course of action
    4: an objection made to an official or a governing body of a sport

    By definition, the only “protests” you attend are not protests.

    I think attitudes like what I’m seeing in these comments are why this country .. honestly .. can really suck at times. It’s because people here are rich and fat and happy and don’t want to get involved and care about the big issues; they would rather ONLY go to concerts, watch TV, eat at $60/person restaurants, etc. and push the problems in the world to the back of their mind…

  • DCer

    Protests are failures. period. This is historically true- read your history. About this point there is no argument.

    The only grassroots movements that have made a difference in this country are those that support something new. If you look at Civil Rights Marches, they were not protests, they had a goal they were supporting and not an anti-goal like “stop war” but a real, positive goal like, “I want to eat at this lunch counter.” This is what MLK taught us but some didn’t listen.

  • Park Road Guy

    How about ‘Stop this War, I want people to keep their legs’. I was on an airplane the other day, returning from Germany and a kid sitting next to me had lost his legs in Iraq. His wife and baby were with him. I thought about how he wouldn’t be able to wrestle with his kid the way my dad wrestled with me. I wanted to cry, it felt so wrong.

    War is about legs, and why people should keep them. Look at the numbers. More legs have been lost than lives. Let’s keep legs. It’s a positive thing.

  • st

    Seriously, any line drawing between the two types of posters is just idiotic. Protests aren’t pointless (whether they ‘succeed’ or not), and music isn’t just a commercial enterprise. And that’s not the point anyway. PoP, the answer to your question is yes, you are a hypocrite. You don’t get to pick and choose. The reason why is shown on this blog – some folks value the bands over the marchers, and others vice versa. So who decides?

    Look, the only real city i ever heard of that was successful in controlling graffiti is Singapore. No gum chewing allowed, death penalty for smoking a joint, but clean as a f**king whistle. Raise your hand if you want to live there.

  • DCer

    War is about legs, and why people should keep them. Look at the numbers. More legs have been lost than lives. Let’s keep legs. It’s a positive thing.
    Bingo. So have a march of people who are pro-leg. You totally get it. You don’t say “stop” you say “go.” You don’t say “I’m scared” you say “I believe in Hope.” You don’t say “No!” you say “Yes!” It’s totally obvious when you see the difference, but as I said, many people ignore Marting Luther King.

    I mean one of Gandhi’s first big anti-British activities was to MAKE HIS OWN SALT! Not to break a window.

    Get it people?


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