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Sorry, I didn’t read the comments of the “Kilroy not me” post. I now have. I’ll try going in the morning next time. I really do want these business to survive. I’ll attach the comments below in case you missed them.

Geoff said…
I use Kilroys weekly and I really like it. Basically, the woman who works the afternoon / evening shift can be grumpy. Don’t take it personally – I’ll let them know about this post and hopefully she’ll become a little friendlier?If you go in the morning Ryan (owner’s son) and Ms. Vivian (works up front but has been away with health problems lately) are very, very friendly. They know me by name and are always extremely pleasant. Support Kilroys! Please don’t let this one experience ruin it for you. We need decent businesses like this to thrive in Petworth.


Meghan said…
I agree with Geoff! Morning trips to Kilroys are the way to go–It’s actually a nice way to start the day (really). Ryan, Ms. Vivian and Ryan’s Dad have been nothing but great to me and my pounds of clothes. I’ve had no problems with the dry cleaning quality and really appreciate when they go the extra mile–which they often do. Sorry you had the bad experience.

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  1. P.O.P, I think it’s cool you’re giving the place another chance. And I’m glad Kilroys has defenders. But, I’m kinda left thinking…why do you have to do that? There are plenty of service establishments I just don’t go to because I don’t feel like handing over my money and being treated like crap. I just haven’t blogged about it. I certainly know that there are grumpy people in the world; maybe they shouldn’t be the ones interacting with the public, then? Especially if it seems like this is a well-known problem.

    Like I said, I’m glad that you feel giving them another chance is a good thing; but I’d rather go someplace where I can get decent enough service on the first try.

  2. This is COMPLETELY unrelated, but I’m excited about stumbling across your blog.

    I’ve been sandwiched between Petworth and Columbia Heights since August (where is the border, anyway?). But since I’ve been buried in work, I’ve just only recently made the decision to get out and explore my neighborhood(s?) more. Good news for me, I’ve come across a blogger with a ridiculous (read: a lot, in a good way) amount of knowledge about the area.

    So, all that to say, I’ll be back to read more.

    Hopefully this will make up for that DJ guy who decided to no longer be a reader.

  3. Prince of Petworth

    Thanks Duck. I believe Petworth starts at Quincy and goes all the way north to Kennedy St., maybe even a little higher than that. We are very welcoming to our neighbors from the south (and north). Welcome to the neighborhood. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. For starters you should definately check out Temperance Hall. Good luck and thanks for reading.

  4. P.O.P…talk to the owners about the afternoon shift lady. i would hate for her to lose her job, but it’s a business and it would suck for them to suffer because of an employee that is unhappy and unwilling to help out customers. i’m sure they would appreciate your feedback. as i’m sure you appreciate readers feedback on your blog. just a thought.

  5. Come on PoP, I’m suprised you didn’t inform Duck that they might actually be in Park Slope, or whatever you call it, and not Columbia Heights. Which by the way, is the neighborhood for Temperance and Wonderland.

  6. Prince of Petworth

    I’d really hate to see that lady fired but she is certainly not good for business. I hope she gets a pep talk and becomes a bit more pleasant. I will mention it to the owners next time I see them.

  7. I had my third bad experience with the afternoon/Saturday lady yesterday and was totally frustrated and fed up. I can’t go weekday mornings to see the owners, but if you do speak with them, please tell them that it’s multiple people who feel this way. I was relieved to see your posting, after feeling like it was just me having a hard time with her. I live a block and a half away and really want to support and use local businesses, but she really makes it seem like they don’t want my business.


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