Washington, DC

On my walk to the metro this morning a nice young mother pushing her baby stopped me and asked if I was walking to the metro. I said yes and she asked if she could borrow my cell phone because she was walking to the metro too. I thought it a little odd, but why not. So I loaned her my phone and she called a friend and gossiped a bit while we walked to the metro together. It was a bit bizarre but quite beautiful I think. I don’t think I could imagine myself in Woodley Park walking to the metro and asking to borrow someone’s phone, or someone asking me to borrow my phone. It is like we are all one big family and of course we loan each other our phones. Whew, finally one nice thing that happened today!

Comments (4)

  1. did you check to see if she made an international call? ;)

  2. Being friendly enough to borrow your cellphone is okay, but wouldn’t it be friendlier to talk to the neighbor she’s walking with, rather than gossiping on the phone (yours, at that)?

  3. Prince of Petworth

    That would have been nice as well. But I have to admit normally I have an ipod in when I’m walking which can make me a bit unapproachable. I think maybe we should plan a dialogue of sorts. Maybe we could have a informal get together of the neighborhood either at Domku or somewhere a bit cheaper. Would that be a good idea?

  4. “Beautiful” No, that is theft. And it really would have p**** me off. Especially first thing in the morning. But you guys are probably alot nicer than I am.


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