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Can I get a latte with that?

by Prince Of Petworth November 17, 2006 at 3:54 pm 3 Comments

A very large pitbull roaming without a leash just attacked a lovely dog on a leash and that dog and its owner are now seeking shelter at the Columbia Heights coffee house. This is another joy of living in the Columbia Heights/Petworth area, the damn dogs that roam without leashes. To be honest it is not a very large problem but those few times it does happen is quite startling to witness. Remind me to tell you about my old dog Padre if your interested.

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  1. The unleashed dog situ in our neighborhood is absurd. Like you write, Prince, there’s not a whole lot of them, but a few is too many.
    I bought pepper spray for my jogs for the sole purpose of having protection against these uncared for dogs.

  2. Animal control is:

    But you can also call the non-emergency police number (which I keep in my cell phone) and ask for animal control and they’ll transfer you:

    From the information we were able to gather from neighbors after the cat was killed, some people who have pitbulls and similar dogs that they use for dog fights let the dogs out. The dogs are trained to kill, so a number of cats have been killed in the neighborhood. The dogs are dangerous, but the people who own them are the ones at fault.

  3. Prince of Petworth

    I’ve heard about these dog fights and have seen some possible participants. The dogs can be quite frightening. Where do these fights occur, in homes or outside? Please leave a tip with animal control if you witness this vial behavior. Thanks for posting the number.


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