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Public Safety June 23, 2014 at 7:29 pm

Have you seen my stolen bike?

Last night (6-22-2014 at 9:02pm), our garage was broken in to and our bicycle was stolen. We have footage of this crime, and wanted to see if anyone either witnessed this theft, or has seen our bike around the neighborhood. The crime was committed in the Newton Ingleside alley just west of the 18th street entrance.

As the tires were flat, it would have been very hard to ride away with. The thief left another bike, which I will post in a followup article as it might be your stolen bike.

Here is an image of our bike (Jamis 2012 Coda Sport Women’s 19″)

My Bike
Here is a video of the thief, not sure you will be able to identify him from this picture.

Bike Theft – Sun Jun 22 21 02 21 2014

Thank you for your help!


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