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Other December 29, 2011 at 10:26 pm

Found Cat

This strange fuzzy animal zoomed into our house on the 1300 block of Florida Ave, NW around 6:30pm 12-28-11, and would not leave until the next morning.  It returned and zoomed into our house the next today 12-29-11.  We are now good friends.  It is extremely well behaved and affectionate, and it has been seen by another neighbor as far back as october.  It seems to be an outdoor cat so I will let it out if that is what it wants.  I cannot say how long it will be hanging around our house.  If the cat is not claimed, we might keep it… that is if it wants to stay and if it does not ruin our furniture.   If you have any info about this cat please contact me at [email protected] or 914-522-0567.       

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Update: They took her to a vet, but she was not microchipped. Someone from the studio has taken her home!

Is the cat definitely a female and a kitten? If not, this is going to sound terribly weird, but if the cat is a boy and meows a lot, I might know the cat and the owners, they live on 10th between c and independence. E-mail me at my username and I can put you in touch with them.

So, she’s all adopted and settled? I’m so glad. She’s adorable. What a great pout.

Yeah, someone from the studio took him/her (I’m not sure which!) home–it was staying in the garage at the studio since the instructor could not take it home. It seems to have a good home for now, but if you know anyone missing a cat, I’m sure Biker Barre will put you in touch with whomever took it home!
dogofthunder, I just emailed you!

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