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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open because I’ve had trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour the past week or so.
    Rant: I wish I didn’t feel like I only have rants lately. Between family, parental dating pressure (and accompanying lack of interest and also failure – I sent 9 messages to guys this weekend, got one response that lasted for about 2 exchanges then nothing), politics, illness, money, feeling like my friendships are very one-sided, etc. I’m just really not feeling great.
    PoPulace Poll: I have asked a “friend” to do happy hour or other events about three weeks in a row now with several days notice. Every time she’s busy but then she’s like “but we need to do something soon!” But she never takes the initiative to tell me when she’s free or ask me to do anything in return. I can take this as a sign that I shouldn’t bother anymore, right?

    • Time moves so much slower when we’re in funks and with everything you’re going through, the fact that you’re putting in effort at all is admirable to me! If you need a break, take it. You have to take care of yourself! As far as the friend, it’s so damn tough in this city to form close friendships. There’s so much going on and logistics can be a nightmare. I know I’m most flaky when I just need things to slow down myself so maybe she might be in a funk herself? I’m trying to think of ways to approach it to be honest but not push her away.

      • thank you, ajr. you’re right — time does move so much slower. and the perspective about friend also possibly being in a funk is a good point. i guess i’ve had so much in my brain that i’ve sort of forgotten to look at things from multiple perspectives.

    • On the Parental Dating pressure: I find that if I keep screen shots of terrible profiles and send them to the pressuring person with the question saying, which of these 3 Sophie’s Choice options would you like me to go out with… they tend to leave me alone for a couple months at a time.

    • I’m so sorry about your rants. I think regarding the second one–feel free to take a break (it doesn’t seem like you’re necessarily that interested at the moment–and that is probably compounded by the parental pressure) and to be clear with your mom that you need a break from trying for now. With respect to the poll–I’d say take it as a sign that it might make sense to take a break from trying to make plans for a little while, and try again in a few weeks or a month or more. Really, it’s totally fine to hibernate and choose to only do things that will nurture yourself sometimes, and you’ve got plenty of reason to do so.

    • Regarding your “poll” question, to me this means that you should just stop asking for a while. Wait for her to propose something, or ask again in a few weeks or a month or two. She may be legit busy at this point in time, she might be going through something personally where she’s just not feeling social, or maybe she’s not feeling as close to you as you are to her. In any case I don’t think you should take it personally, unless this really is a very close personal friend, but I’m assuming she’s not since you put it in quotes.

      • Thank you. I mostly put it in quotes because we’ve been going around in this circle, which makes me feel like we’re not really friends:
        – “Want to meet after work next week? I’m free on [these nights]”
        – “I’m busy but I’m free every evening next week!”
        – “Hey! Which night is best for you next week?”
        – “Actually, I’m busy! But we should hang out soon.”
        – “But you said you were free next week a few days ago!”

    • Have you considered picking up a new hobby to take up some of your free time? I find that my hobbies allow me to disconnect from whatever else may be going on in my life, and thus prove to be a healthy therapeutic outlet.

    • So I get it from my parents too (am a guy), and I realized for mine at least they weren’t just pressuring me so much but wanting to understand my outlook on life, where I was, did I want the same things most people wanted (to settle down and have kids), etc. When I helped them understand that answer was Yes (as awkward as those convos are), it helped ease the pressure a bit. Anyways, that’s not advice, just me sharing moreso.

  • justinbc

    Rave: After weeks of back and forth finally got all the appliances, countertops, and cabinets picked out for the kitchen remodel. Time to sign some paperwork!
    Rant: Made the mistake of asking The Internet for additional help in appliance selection. My god, some people are crazy knowledgeable and love to help, but some are just infuriating in trying to solve problems that you don’t need help solving.

    • Did you go with the Blue Star?

      • justinbc

        I didn’t actually. Wound up being torn between the Wolf and Gaggenau 36″ cooktops, because both of them allow the control knobs to be inset in the front of the cabinetry, rather than on top like most tops (BlueStar included). Trying to have a lot of clean visuals in the new layout and I hate the controls on top, and there’s just no good way to do a vent hood in our house so a rangetop was out. Wound up going with the Wolf CG365CS, they just killed the Gaggenau on the price wars for basically the same specs for the whole package. I tested both the Wolf and BlueStar this weekend and even though the BS hit cook points faster, it wasn’t as drastic as it used to be now that Wolf redesigned their dual-stack burner on this model.

        • This is probably a stupid question…but how did you test them out? I’ve always wanted a hands on look at appliances before buying.

          • Check out M&M Appliance in Fort Totten – they have a HUGE (ahem) range of products to check out and play with.

          • justinbc

            We took a weekend trip up to NYC a few months back and went through all the major showrooms (Pirch, Porcelanosa, AJ Madison, Scavolini, etc) to get an idea what we wanted stylistically, then after narrowing it down went to some of the ones down here to really play with the appliances. They don’t have as many options, but it’s a more calm environment. This weekend I was out at the ABW in Arlington, you can bring stuff to bake, cook, etc, test out your pan or sheet sizes, whatever you want. Before spending thousands of dollars I highly recommend it, just like test driving a car!

        • That’s very sharp, and the double-stack is a nice touch. Totally agree about the controls on top. I think this configuration, with the large burner in the center, has more utility than the more traditional six-burner configuration. I am confused by what you mean re the range hood, though – is this a down-draft?

          • justinbc

            Yep getting the Best Cattura downdraft to go behind it. There’s just no way to effectively do overhead with the layout (cooktop will be on an L-shaped peninsula facing out into the dining room/living room of rowhouse). I know a lot of pros $#!% on downdraft tech, but my old boss has used one for almost 10 years now and swears by it, and she cooks more than anyone I know so I’m really not sweating it. I actually considered induction because of that, but wife hates the way induction looks and the cats are constantly on counter tops when we aren’t home so it’s just more work to clean.

          • Ours is on a wall, so we never considered it, but I expect good ones work just fine for anything short of deep-frying. I lived with built-into-the-microwave one for years, and routinely had to disconnect the smoke alarm before making anything more elaborate than rice. No question it’s better than that.

          • justinbc

            Haha yeah, our current form of ventilation is “open a window”, so pretty much anything is an upgrade.

    • Heh, the best thing about free advice is that you’re free to take it or leave it. (Same stands for paid advice, but that’s a lot harder to ignore after you paid for it.)
      I’m curious, what kind of style did you end up going for? Mind sharing an inspiration picture or two? Don’t worry, not here to offer advice, just genuinely curious. Good luck on the remodel!

      • justinbc

        I can’t get into Imgur right now for some reason, but we took a lot of inspiration from the “Diesel Social Kitchen” line with Scavolini. If you Google “Belvedere leather granite” you’ll get a pretty good idea of the types of countertops. Porcelanosa “Rotterdam Taupe” for an idea of the floors. Our living / dining room is about 12 shades of grey / black with color coming from the furniture, and that same theme will flow into the kitchen design.

  • Revel: Planting our veggie garden this week! First year hubs and I have had enough space to do something big, and we are super excited about it.

    Revel: Great weekend and the weather this morning is fresh. Also, I saw on Facebook that Monty is found!? Can anyone confirm? I thought about that little baby all weekend long.

    Pop Poll: Roughly how much could I expect to pay for 200 ft of a 6 foot cedar fence?

  • Rave: Surprise birthday party for boyfriend was a huge success! I’m so happy I pulled it off. It took a few years to cultivate such a great friend base here in DC so I’m emotional at how many folks offered their assistance in advanced, showed up, and really made it such a great day.
    Rant: I’m experiencing decision paralysis with the job offer. I have a couple of follow-up questions before I pull the trigger. I really think it’s the best thing for me but I am just not great with change.

    • Yay on your rave! As for your rant, have you tried a pro-con list? That often helps me sort out my thoughts and preferences when my head is spinning.

      • Oh I have three versions! I’m just a little type-A…it really helped me see the big picture though so was absolutely a great idea.

        • HA! I’m totally the same way, if that makes you feel any better 🙂 Sometimes, I’ll even do a “weighted” list, giving greater weight to more important issues in my tally.

          • YES!! My boyfriend thought I was nuts when the “cons” had more line items but I felt like the “pro” had much more weight! Hence the multiple lists.

          • Awesome. I disagree with your boyfriend. You’re not nuts, you’re just methodical and trying to parse your thoughts rather than spinning in circles.

    • Glad to hear it!

  • Rant: I forgot how bad teething can be. Baby Artie was up SO many times last night. We are all so tired.
    Rave: Cool, brisk walk to the metro this morning helped wake me up.
    Rant: My dad starts radiation therapy for his prostate cancer this week. We knew it would happen at some point.
    Rave? At least it is his prostate cancer and not the lung cancer.

  • Rave: I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon yesterday! Woohoo!
    Rant: I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon yesterday. Everything hurts.
    Rave: The weather was WAY better than expected. Forecast called for aggressively Pittsburgh weather–cold, clouds, rain, gross. Turned out to be low 50s and sunny (if far too windy) and it felt pretty darn good. Thanks, weather gods!
    Rant: Has anyone else seen the guy commuting on a Segway up the 14th St sidewalks? Cause he is super rude. Gave me a stink-eye when I took too long navigating a narrow stretch of sidewalk. I mean, dude.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: No work to do
    Rave: Had a fabulous time at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Sheep are so cute!

  • That One Guy

    Rave: The crispy morning air, and swaying branches of the trees, made for a pleasant walk this morning.
    I’ve never been good at reading the tea leaves so I’m not sure if the universe is trying to send a message or playing another practical joke at my expense. No joke, one of the first things my sister says as I enter her house last night is I need to join Bagel Meets Coffee and after dinner proceeds to ask for my phone so she can install it. It’s coming from a place of love so I can’t be mad. Deliberately minimizing my FB footprint is going to make this interesting because there’s nothing that it can pull to create a profile.

    • LOL. We are having similar issues after all! Hahahaha!

    • Actual LOL on reading “It’s coming from a place of love so I can’t be mad.” That One Guy, you are a very generous-minded guy. 🙂

      • That One Guy

        Well, If not love then she’s conspiring to drag me into the deep end of the marriage pool and make sure that I am as equally miserable paddling around as everyone else. Hmm…
        I sort of like the shallow end of the pool.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Super fun weekend. Thanks for the millionth time to the Popvillager who mentioned the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last year! Also, we took a tour of the Congressional Cemetery with Cokie Roberts’s daughter as our tour guide (and she was an excellent guide).
    Rant: So much driving and running around, and I am exhausted now.

  • Rave: Lovely weekend full of rest, friends, bikes, and reading an excellent book.
    Rant: Stressful busy week, full of a big push at work and important dates. Followed by…
    Revel: Vacation! I leave Friday for Iceland and Norway. I’m trying not to be too insufferable about it, and suspect I’ve failing.

  • skj84

    Rave: The Library of Congress Disco party was amazing! One of the best parties I’ve attended. I loved seeing everyone’s disco costumes, the music and dancing was infectious. I got a picture with Carla Hayden too, which made my little nerd heart sing.
    Rant: Recovering from the party on Sunday. I’m still tired.
    Rave: My sister is coming to visit this weekend! We are going home for Mothers day on Sun.

  • Rave: Instead of ranting about the fact that both kids disrupted my sleep last night, I’m going to rave that mtpkiddo didn’t get up a second (or third or fourth or…well, you get the picture) time after I met her with a non-cranky attitude and spent a few minutes with her after she settled in bed rather than tucking her in and leaving. And while mtpbaby was squaky on and off for awhile right after I went back to bed, I didn’t have to get back up (nor did I have to kick mtpwife out of bed, either).
    Rave: Instead of ranting about the difficulty of getting out the door and nearly missing any opportunity to get mtpkiddo on a bus to school, I’m going to rave that I managed to distract her out of her whining, crying funk into a pleasant and chipper mood–and that the gardening teacher is willing to take stragglers to school in her car.
    Rave: Lovely weekend including visiting with my very pregnant-with-twins friend, dinner out with my parents at purple patch (everyone had a great time & the kids were great!), softball with the whole family, travel planning for my grandmother’s 90th & a work conference, and putting together a collage for mtpbaby’s teachers for teacher appreciation week. Good to feel productive!
    Rave: choosing not to rant today. Sometimes, it’s all about perspective 🙂

    • While I understand you are looking on the positive side, I am so sorry about the lack of sleep. I feel you. When you get into the whole parenting thing, they don’t tell you that the multiple wake-ups doesn’t stop once they aren’t babies anymore. Instead, they wake you up to tell you that they kicked their blankets off and can’t possibly put them back on themselves.

      • Lol, thanks! It’s been a brutal 4-ish months. She’s been up for hours at a time 1-2 times a week (or 3+ like last week!) for about that length of time. Initially, she’d entertain herself until going back to sleep, but then she developed some fears and anxiety that complicated matters. The anxiety and fears *seem* to be abating, so fingers crossed that will continue. One way or another, this, too shall pass.

    • As to the non-sleeping and cranky sometimes child, have you tried eliminating ALL dyes and preservatives from her diet? It is said by many parents to do wonders…but you have to read labels very closely, and forego most processed foodstuffs – buying the supposedly “healthy” choice doesn’t really help, you have to read the labels. (Oddly enough, dyes made from petroleum and coal tar, and a whole range of preservatives from various sources, don’t really belong in our bodies, and have a noticeable effect on children.)

      • No, I haven’t. Though for what it’s worth, I cook most of her food from scratch other than school lunches. Her diet hasn’t changed in the last six months, so I’m a little more inclined to give it some time in case it’s a phase–it’s not uncommon for kids to have sleep disruptions and nighttime fears in the 3.5 age range. That said, we’ll bring it up with her pediatrician at her 4-year checkup next month and see what she says.

        • Well, I’d do my own research, rather than rely on whether a pediatrician happens to be ahead of the curve on such issues. (The medical industrial complex has far more interest in treating problems that may have simpler solutions with highly profitable drugs, and has a real interest in NOT preventing symptoms from happening with things like diet. Doctors are not bad people, but they are carefully trained to look at everything solely as part of the powerful pharmaceutical system they are a part of.) You could just try it as an experiment. Once you start paying close attention, you can easily notice the shifts in behavior based on what kids eat. My comment comes from having spent a lot of time with a child who had sleeping and behavior issues all through most of elementary school – diet makes a really huge difference, in my experience.

          • My pediatrician is just as likely to suggest homeopathic and other types of therapies as she is to suggest traditional medicine. And I’ll reiterate that this has been an issue for the last few *months* rather than several years–which still puts it in the scope of a developmental phase rather than a diet issue. For now, I’ll continue to not chase down zebras that are likely horses, and I’ll revisit the issue if it persists outside of phase territory. But thank you for the suggestion.

          • well responded, mtpresident

          • Thank you.

  • Rave: Successfully coached Middle Anonachild’s softball game on Saturday since her coaches had other obligations that day. It was really fun, but damn my arm is soar from all the throwing and apparently being catcher for a few innings is equivalent to doing a million squats because I am, quite literally, butt hurt.
    Rave: Fabulous lunch in Havre de Grace for my SO’s mom’s birthday. Such a cute little town!
    Rant: Did not read the menu and ordered something with my food allergen in it. When it came to the table, I was with one of the kids in the bathroom, so my SO sent it back on my behalf, but I was super embarrassed. I really hate that a plate of perfectly good food had to be sent back because I didn’t read the menu all the way, and it didn’t help that my SO’s BIL felt it necessary to point out that it was my fault for not reading that it was the third ingredient listed. My resulting embarrassment netted the waitress a 50% tip on a bill for a family of 6, so hopefully I redeemed myself…

  • Rave: Followed the advice of dcd and some others here and stopped at the Parkway Deli to pick up matzoh ball soup and cheesecake for dinner on Friday. Holy yum, batman! Thank you so much, it was just what I needed.
    Rave: Got a ton done yesterday – grocery shopping, prepped meals for the week, 4 loads of laundry, cleaning, and even a little relaxing. Feel inordinately proud of myself.
    Rave: after going to 5 or 6 stores, I finally managed to find new rainboots that are cute and comfy! Everyone kept telling me “it’s not the season anymore, we don’t have any left” – meanwhile it’s raining cats and dogs outside!
    Rant: Have to attend a training class tomorrow and Wednesday for one of the programs I barely work with. I cannot express how annoyed I am at this whole thing. Grrrrrr!!!!
    Rant-ish: Still in a little bit of a “don’t talk to me, leave me alone” kind of mood, but it’s slowly improving….

    • I’ve been craving matzo ball soup to cure my blues since I saw this post on Friday. I’m glad you got some and it hit the spot! Anyone know of a place to get some in the city, downtown or near Shaw? Sadly I will not be able to make it up to MD anytime soon.

      • DGS Delicatessen in Dupont. It has a number of Jewish staples, and everything I’ve had has been quite good.

      • Also, Star and Shamrock has a few pretty good soups and you can add a matzo ball for a small pittance. It’s good comfort food!

  • binntp

    Rantish: I’ve been applying Jackson Galaxy’s cat mojo principles to try and keep new kitty from interrupting my sleep. The bedtime routine (play, eat, groom, sleep) seems to be going well but it is really hard to completely ignore the 3:30 am running-like-a-bat-out-of-hell-and-meowing-loudly episodes. I managed to ignore and sleep again for about an hour before she truly woke me up.

    • I need to learn this! My newer cat does laps around my head at 530 until I get up to kick both cats out of the room. Then by 630 the other cat is scratching at the door to make me let her in and or feed both of them. I need to stop the early morning races.

    • We’ve lucked out that our kitty isn’t particularly vocal, so there’s no 4am meowing, but she’s got this little jingle ball toy that she loves the most when we’re asleep. There’s been more than one late-night trek to track it down and put it in a cabinet till morning …

  • Rave: Had a great family afternoon at Wheaton Park riding the train and the carousel over and over. 5 years ago I definitely didn’t think that such activities would be on the top of my list of ways to spend a weekend afternoon.
    Rave: Having a 3 year old is very hard at times, but overall I love 3 so far. She is truly a funny, insightful little kid, and the fact that she says whatever comes to her mind is pretty entertaining.
    Rant: MASSIVE headache. I don’t know if it is still a result of the sinus infection and I need to see a doctor, or if it is just a normal headache.
    Rave: This weather. It is my absolutely favorite when I can wear boots and a light jacket. I wish we had more days like this!

    • Having a 3-year-old can be both infuriating and amazing–sometimes all at once! Glad you’re enjoying it so far. We are too 🙂

  • Rave: Kingman Island Clean up with REI yesterday! The weather turned out to be a boon and I got a tshirt
    Rant: Dear LORD am I sore, clearly I am out of shape even my hands are sore!

  • Rave: My first music event at the brewery did really well — a lot of people came and enjoyed themselves. I’ll consider it a success.

    Rant: I expected more friends to come and be supportive of this, even just stop in for a little while. There were a few there, which I truly appreciated, but I was really disappointed in that aspect of it.

    Rave: Down 4 pounds from last Monday! I went and tried on some clothes at the mall yesterday and for the first time in a very, very long time, I actually LIKED what I saw. I am going to go back this weekend and maybe buy myself a couple of new kickass pieces for summer.

    Rave/Rant: Demo starts on my kitchen next week, and people are warning me that “something is going to go wrong, because it always goes wrong” — which of course, makes me really nervous.

    Rave-ish: I have one date scheduled for tomorrow and another potential on for Wednesday. Is it weird that although I really enjoy talking to both of them, I don’t have my hopes up at all? Battle scars, maybe?

    Rave: Made cauliflower pizza crust yesterday. Very time consuming but really good!

    Not many responses about W&B on the 17th. Are people in? Should I plan something somewhere? Should I postpone?

    • Yay to all your raves! As for the dating, I don’t think it’s wrong to not have your hopes up beforehand. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s what works for you. And if it’s a good date, your hopes will rise anyway.

      • topscallop

        +1, I found in online dating it helped to go in with low expectations. That way it takes the pressure off, you can really be yourself, and maybe be pleasantly surprised.

        • Agreed. As long as low expectations doesn’t come across as not wanting to be there (from my own experience. It’s a fine line to manage.).

          • topscallop

            Oh for sure – if you don’t want to be there, don’t go! I would never let on to a date that I had low expectations of it was going to go – it was an internal mindset that helped me stay sane. But as someone who overanalyzes things and was somewhat of a late bloomer in the romance department, it was freeing for me to go into a date without building it up in my head as potentially something that could be a relationship. I was surprised to find I was more willing to open up and be myself without worrying about the consequences, without expectations or high hopes – which in turn probably gave me a better shot at meeting someone who would like me as I am!

        • Agreed with Bizzinger, TopScallop, and FridayGirl. Going in with low expectations is fine, as long as it doesn’t come across as feeling “meh” about the individual.
          Also, consider spacing your dates further apart from each other — that might make the whole process less exhausting.
          I’m currently on a break from Internet dating, but one thing I’m planning to do if/when I give it another try is to schedule more “me time” — not schedule so many dates just because I don’t already have plans for those evenings.
          I realized after the fact that I had been on 14 dates in the month of January, which was probably particularly exhausting because I’m an introvert and need time away from other people to recharge.

      • I can be in if other people are still in and it’s not a million miles away from me because frankly, I’m lazy.

        • Define less than a million miles away from you so that I can begin looking for potential places.

          • I guess mostly somewhere on the Yellow/Green line? Ideally north of Chinatown? (Columbia Heights/U St/Logan/Shaw/Petworth are probably all fair game.)

        • I Dont Get It

          You could go to the new “I Can’t Believe It is Monday” or whatever that place is called. You can have a little side of hate-drinking along with your W&B.

    • I’m still up for Wine & Bitch on Wed. 5/17!
      For those who aren’t familiar with it: Wine & Bitch is an unofficial PoPville offshoot wherein people meet up, drink, and talk/complain/kvetch about Internet dating (and anything else).

    • Online dating is so full of paradoxes and weirdness that it’s probably best explained with quantum mechanics metaphors. I like to think of people I might meet via online dating as Schrödinger’s girlfriend. They are, at the same time, really awesome and interesting on paper and also definitionally boring and awful by virtue of being an “online dating person”. It’s only when you investigate further do you determine which state is accurate.

      Anyway, Wednesdays aren’t great for me thanks to another regular commitment, but I’ll stop by for awhile on the 17th if you guys are going to be in the Dupont or Logan areas…

    • I might be able to be in, I have to double-check, nothing dating-related to bitch about but it’d be nice to see folks!

  • Rant-ish: helping a good friend through loss. I’m grateful that I’m part of her support system and I love her, but it’s draining. And another friend suddenly lost a relative last week. It’s a lot of scary stuff.
    Rave: that Caps game tho
    Rave: great seats at that Caps game
    Rave: the funk parade and sundress fest (the tail end that I caught) were great

    • Saturday night must have been incredible. I’m so nervous for tonight. Gah!
      Sorry to hear about your friends and their losses–that can be hard on friends and caregivers, too–make sure to nourish yourself so you can continue to support them!

  • Revel: was super unproductive and antisocial this weekend and it was kind of depressing.
    Rant: dealing with some parent issues at school and it’s super stressful.
    Revel: 23.5 more days of school, not that I’m counting or anything.

  • Rave: Another productive yet fun weekend in the books…now just 4.5 more days until the next one.
    Rant: Last week my sister-in-law gave me the “When are you going to have babies? It’s now or never!” talk. True, I’m almost 35 but we’ve only been married since November. Also, we have NO MONEY. Then again, this is coming from the woman who had her own house built by the time she was 28…but you can do that in Minnesota.
    Rave: It was one year ago today that my now-husband proposed! And as of Friday, we’ll have been married for six months! (My initial reaction was, “What are you doing?! What are you doing!? and I can’t recall much of what he said…)
    Rave: Made some galatopita (Greek milk pie) last night…can’t wait to get home and see how it turned out!

  • topscallop

    Rave: productive and fun weekend
    Rave: the baby shower was a success! Thanks for the recommendations last week about Michael’s, I wasn’t aware there was one metro-accessible but I was able to find stencils there. The onesie and bib-decorating was a huge hit.
    Rave: spent yesterday afternoon constructing a wine rack with my fiancé that looks pretty good, even though we didn’t follow any kind of pattern and came up with the design ourselves. Our first real construction project together and it went very well
    Rant: didn’t have time to work out this morning because I was putting a second coat of wood stain on the shelves.
    Rant: wood stain on my knuckles
    Rave: but we should be finished with it tonight, and then all my wine will have a home!

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Rave: Moved to a new DC neighborhood in NE last week, and I’m really digging it. The commute to work today wasn’t actually too bad – took only a bit longer than before from Petworth.
    Rant: I took all last week off and now it’s back to adulting.

  • Rave: Exhausted after a fun and social weekend.
    Rant: Does anyone know what was up with the big police activity going through LeDroit Park on Friday night? Id say around 9pm? It felt like there were a ton of cop cars whizzing by and mpd twitter was mute on whether anything big was going on.

  • Rant: Loose steel plates on the street directly outside my window drove me CRAZY all weekend. Nothing like hearing what sounds like a bomb going off every 20 seconds. Who do I contact about this besides 311? It even woke me up a few times last night (this isn’t a brand new issue, but they must be looser now because it was far more frequent than normal).
    Rave: dog snuggles

  • Rant – I hurt my knee before I was able to get the new house unpacked. I have several boxes on the wrong floor and I’d like to at least sort that out sometime soon, but I can’t currently carry things up/down stairs. Is there a good way to find people who’d come over for an hour to move boxes?

  • Rant: Really sleepy and tired lately. Not sure if it’s due to my new medication or not being able to fall asleep before midnight each night.
    Rave: Eating a Snickers last night while watching the finale of Home Fires on PBS. Really liked that show.
    Rant: Hate that it got cancelled.
    Rant: I’m going to have to stop watching Once Upon A Time. That singing episode with folks who can’t sing got on my nerves.
    Rave: Got a Mother’s Day card for Mom that wasn’t too mushy or too silly. She has kept every card I every sent her and goes back and reads them occasionally so I didn’t want her to think that I was dying by sending her something too mushy or being too flip by sending her something too silly.

  • PSA: Mother’s Day is this Sunday (5/14). If you have any of the following on or near your front porch, you may want to move them temporarily so they don’t get stolen:
    – Hanging baskets with plants
    – Plants in pots
    – Plants in planters

    • That is one of the saddest PSA I think I’ve seen in a long time. God people, hopefully your mom deserves better than someone else’s stolen flowers in a pot!

      • I agree, but I expect the Venn Diagram of “People who would steal flowers off someone’s porch to give to their mother on Mother’s Day” and “PoPville readers” looks like two non-overlapping circles. I hope so, at least.

        • I think about Venn diagrams and theft way too much — usually when trying to decide whether I can safely leave something on my porch temporarily, like a trowel.
          Usually I figure the Venn diagram of “avid gardeners” and “thieves” has no overlap… but then around Mother’s Day, I feel like I have to start accounting for thieves who may have _moms_ who are avid gardeners.

      • How about the piece on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” this Saturday about a flower shop owner who was caught stealing flowers from the cemetery then selling them in her shop!

    • Applies to funeral homes as well. My dad is buried at Fort Lincoln people routinely steal flowers off grave sites so much so that people have begun just leaving plastic flowers.

  • Rant: Yes, Councilmember Todd, that was me who honked at you while you were sitting in your fancy new Jag, oblivious to the light turning green because you were talking on the phone. Good to know that laws on campaign finance and distracted driving apply to everyone but you.

  • Rant: tough weekend. Was stressed already by a big job decision and then found out yesterday my uncle passed away unexpectedly.
    Rave: really didn’t want to be around people but went to see a girlfriend and her two year old cutie patootie daughter anyway. Blowing bubbles on the stoop and wearing Batman/Robin masks while playing pretend helped lighten my mood.
    Rant: migraine this morning.
    Rave: rallied for a half day of work despite migraine
    Rant: some guy touched my butt on the train. I was hoping it was an accident, but when I turned he just smiled and remained standing uncomfortably close (not a packed train). I moved and he didn’t follow but I was creeped out and it just added to my already crap-tastic morning. I didn’t report him because I was already late for work, but hindsight makes me think I should have.
    Rave: the sun is shining.

  • RANT – I am soo skroooed.