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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

I’m gonna be a bit off grid today and tomorrow so apologies if your comment gets delayed or if someone’s comment that should’ve been delayed got through : ) We’ll be back to our normal schedule on Monday!

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  • I finally had enough of my next door neighbor’s beagles’ incessant barking and howling (and they go to 11 if I dare walk into my own back yard) and called the cops. I asked that they call me afterwards but I never received a call, and I left for a walk after I called so I’m hoping they actually did show.

    Also, the neighbor is a cop. So fingers are crossed.

    • We also have a neighbor (thankfully not next door) who has a beagle that howls constantly. I will never understand why people who live in the city choose such an incredibly noisy breed and then leave them outside to bother the crap out of their neighbors. It’s seriously inconsiderate and rude.

      • I agree, I love dogs and have had a few in my time living here, but I do NOT understand beagles for city living.

        • I have two dogs, but the second they start barking I go out and bring them in. The beagle neighbor leaves the dog outside for hours at a time. We used to have a neighbor who had two large coon hounds they would leave outside starting at 6am on Saturday morning. It was like being woken up by a fog horn that didn’t stop. Some people are either completely oblivious or have zero regard for their neighbors.

          • This lady gives zero F’s. I rang her doorbell about a week ago to speak with her after a particularly over-the-top assault of non-stop barking. She only opened the door a crack, even though she knows I’ve been her neighbor for two years now. I calmly explained that her dogs have been barking at me and that they won’t stop. She mumbled something unintelligible and closed the door in my face. And she’s a police officer!

          • Are the dogs barking at you from indoors or outdoors?

          • I thought PoPville user ke had some good suggestions when you mentioned the issue yesterday:

          • They’re barking when they’re outside, which is most of the time. They seem to bark at pretty much anything, and if I ever go into my back yard they go absolutely nuts.

            I have a chain link fence separating my yard from the neighbor, and I’m really thinking I’ll need to spend the money to get a privacy fence. I think it will help to an extent, except she has a deck that is higher than the fence would be. So all they’d have to do would be to walk back up and they’d see me and go nuts again. And I’d have spent thousands on a fence that doesn’t stop the problem.

          • Could you try something a little less expensive first? I had the opposite problem- I wanted to keep my dogs from barking at the neighbors through our open wrought iron fence. Before springing for a full privacy fence, I bought rolls of bamboo garden fencing from Home Depot (I ordered online as they don’t carry them in most stores) and just strapped it to the existing fence. It definitely helped, and it only cost a few hundred dollars.

          • You can also buy privacy “slat” things that you can thread through an existing chain-link fence to provide more privacy.
            I think anon’s suggestion of strapping bamboo fencing to the existing chain-link fence might work better for the purpose of shielding you from the view of the dogs, though.

          • That is not a bad idea. Thanks … I’ll look into it!

  • Rave: One day closer to the weekend. One day closer to vacation at the end of May.
    Rant: I am holding down the fort for multiple people who are on vacation now through next week.
    Unknown: I feel guilty for being incredibly rude on the bus this morning but I am SO TIRED of having to ask people to move their bags out of bus seats when there are obviously people standing up. It’s like an every day thing. So this morning I just sat down on the half-a-free-seat until the woman moved her bag. If she had said anything I would have cheerily replied “Why, yes, that was rude of me and I apologize. But you know what else is rude? Leaving your bag in the LAST AVAILABLE SEAT and then PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP.”

    • +1 I have no qualms about waking people who are taking up more than a seat with their bags, particularly during a rush hour commute.

      Rant: I also have no problem boxing in the driver’s side door of a not-so-compact SUV that parked in a compact parking spot. They have a Lexus and I have a Prius, so I am hopeful they won’t ding my door to retaliate.

      Rave: No bosses in the country for the rest of the week!

    • Uh, definitely don’t feel bad about that. I’m glad you have the guts to do it – I normally just glare at the person passive aggressively. Props to you.

    • omg FridayGirl your comment just made my day. Do not feel guilty at ALL… people should have the decency to move their bags off of an empty seat on a train/bus… on second thought, not even decency.. this should be almost second nature, like putting one foot in front of the other to walk! Also for anyone reading, please try and give up your seat for pregnant women and elderly if you are able to. I cringe I think it is so rude to see someone young, healthy making someone stand who could probably use a seat

      • Thank you. And + 1000 to your seat request. (To be honest, I’ll sometimes sit in the front if it’s crowded knowing that I don’t mind standing up for someone, but that someone else who might sit down there won’t. Again, you’re right, this should be second nature.)

      • Ask for a seat if you need one. It’s easy, painless, and places responsibility on the proper party. As the guy with a prosthetic pointed out some months ago, not everyone is as young or healthy as they appear.

        • It’s easy to say (and it’s what I tend to do — until I have to do it like, every day and then I get annoyed). But I know there are older adults who feel bad asking — even if they shouldn’t. It’s just proper for this to be a two way street, *especially* if someone looks like they could use a seat.

          • You getting annoyed or someone having social anxiety is a personal issue. I generally move my bag into my lap if a bus is getting full, but maybe I’ll forget or doze off, and if rather than saying excuse me, you’d silently fume or sit on my bag, you’re silly or rude. Pretending to be asleep so her bag can have a seat; it’s not that deep.

        • That’s why I said “if you are able to”…

  • Blithe

    Unexpected Breakfast Rave: I forgot to pick up egg matzoh. Sooooo: Pretzel brei! Wicked yum. I will definitely do this again — on purpose.
    Allergy Query: I went out in search of Nasacort, and bought a Xyzal instead — since, in general, I prefer pills to spray. Anybody tried it? The box says “drowsiness may occur”, so I’m thinking I should just take it back and get the Nasacort.
    Rave: The earrings I ordered through Etsy came. They’re gorgeous!
    Rave: Re-reading some of Batya Gur’s books. It’s nice to revisit old favorites.

    • I used to take Xyzal and it worked SO WELL for me. Unfortunately when they started selling it over-the-counter it got too expensive for me so I stopped and moved back to target-brand zyrtec. But I would recommend it. It never made me drowsy (although everyone has different reactions).

      • +1 for Xyzal. It is the only thing that really works for me. But I had to stop taking it when I was trying to conceive. I look forward to the good drugs when I stop nursing. Until then, it is claritin and twice a day with the neti pot and the occassional Mucinex when I get very congrested.

        Just take Xyzal at night. That’s what my doc always recommended. I never had any issues being droawfy in the morning.

    • skj84

      I was looking into Xyzal myself. From what I’ve read the drowsiness factor can be intense, someone liked it to “being put under by an anesthesiologist. Of course you may not have a a reaction at all. I’m pretty susceptible to any drowsy elements to meds, so I’m probably going to steer clear, unless I have time to devote at minimum 8 hours of sleep.

    • The Rabbi promised to bring me chocolate covered matzoh and I am super excited!

    • That One Guy

      There are times when I wonder how people dealt with allergies in “the olden days” (as my niece likes to say) before medicine was actually medicinal.

      • Environmental and food allergies weren’t nearly as common in the olden days. There is evidence that we brought it on ourselves by isolating ourselves from the natural world. Sanitized, packaged, processed food. Air conditioning. Soap.

        • That One Guy

          Knowing my luck I’d be the one person suffering from allergies in the olden days and people would shake their heads and wondered what sin I had committed to deserve that punishment and wonder how long I’d suffer before dying. HA.

        • Blithe

          I also have the sense that the environment has changed. When I first started dealing with seasonal allergies a few years ago, I remember news reports saying that even people who didn’t usually have symptoms of seasonal allergies were having problems that year. Then they said that again the next year. And the next……

    • Blithe

      Thanks Y’all! I’m very much on the fence re: trying out the Xyzal — or any new med with drowsiness as a side effect — so your kind comments are VERY helpful!

      • Hmmm..I may have to try the Xyzal. I picked up Nasacort yesterday at Emmaleigh’s recommendation and I have noticed an immediate (after two uses) improvement!

        • HaileUnlikely

          FWIW I have not tried Xyzal (and probably won’t), but Nasacort works better for me than anything else I’ve ever used (i.e., Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, and Flonase)

        • Emmaleigh504

          Glad it’s helping!

        • Blithe

          While I read your comment and thought: Hmmm, I may have to try that Nasacort first. Immediate improvement sounds like bliss!

      • I hope I’m not posting too late for you to miss this but I used to get very drowsy from Zyrtec or Allegra but I’ve had no issues with Xyzal.

        • Blithe

          Nope! Not too late! I very much appreciate ALL of the comments. For now, I’m managing my symptoms with sabadil, which is great, but not at the : “Allergies? What allergies?” level that I once experienced with Claritin and, then with Allegra. Benadryl was a horrible, scary experience, and Zyrtec, even taking it at night, was also pretty bad. I’m thrilled to know that there are two new-to-me OTC options that I can try. It’s very helpful to me to know that there are people who’ve been able to take the Xyzal without drowsiness — fingers crossed that it might work that way for me as well!

  • Query: POPulace, can anyone recommend a good seamstress in the area that can make dresses? Asking for a friend.
    Rant: It feels impossible to store up a bank of PTO after having a kid. I hate that I’m so stressed about it all the time.
    Rave: Beautiful, sunny morning.

    • Try Lam Couture (L street near McPherson Sq) – I’ve only had things tailored there, but they’ve done a great job with that and I know they do bespoke suits and dresses there – I’ve seen some really pretty things on display in the shop.

    • Maybe contact one of the local theaters – Studio, Wooly Mammoth etc. They would all have costume-makers who would probably be happy for a job.

  • Rant: Still can’t find work badge. Sigh.
    Rant: My CPA just told me I owe $500 in taxes. At least I don’t owe much on my state returns I guess.
    Rave: Looking forward to Easter with the family in Charlottesville

    • The rant should be a rave. You got to utilize all your money throughout the year, and you’re not facing an underpayment penalty. Sounds like a win-win to me.

  • Tom

    Rave: Today is my Friday.
    Rave: Went into work full of endorphins because… *reasons*… but for real, every morning should start like this.
    Rave: Pretty stoked to see my grandmother this weekend. We’re getting her out of the assisted-living place so she can have dinner at home again for the first time in a few months. The dementia’s really stepping up, but she has her wits together to the point where she understands this is happening and she’s super pumped about it.
    Rant: Things are great but I’m still an insignificant speck on a has-been planet orbiting a cold, indifferent sun.

  • skj84

    Rave: Seeing my family this weekend!
    Rant: I really hate being unprepared, and I especially hate being unprepared due to others dropping the ball. I had an incident yesterday which could’ve been solved if the other party had given the bare minimum of instructions. Instead I got vague instructions and had a difficult time because of it.

  • Rave/rant/rave/rant/ugh….. Caps playoffs start tonight!
    Similar mixed feelings: Need to start prepping for travel tonight.
    Rave: Feeling very good about our decision to send the kids to school and then take care of packing in the morning with an empty house so we can hit the road just after they eat lunch.
    Rave: looking forward to visiting family and friends.
    RANT: nervous about tension between my mom and aunt.
    BIGGER RANT: mtpkiddo is having such a tough time of late–super clingy and melts down at the drop of a hat. I’ve been responding by trying to carve out more ways to connect with her but trying to maintain firm boundaries/rules as needed (e.g. telling her that I’ll come up and check on you every ten minutes at bedtime, but I won’t stay here while you fall asleep when she whines that she will be lonely without me/when she wakes up and I’m not there). I think being overtired is part of our problem, and maybe anticipation of school break and travel? But I also wonder if I should be trying to teach her better coping mechanisms so she doesn’t need to feel as clingy. She’s nearly 4 for what it’s worth.
    Rave: at least she hasn’t woken up in the middle of the night for a few nights…

    • I remember my mom reading Moonbeam by Maureen Garth (and some of her other children’s mediation books) with me around that age before bed. I was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder when I was 4 so there was some other stuff going on but I remember those books helped with some of the sleep issues.

    • Along with AliceinDC’s recommendation, I’d add
      Sitting Still Like a Frog
      Moody Cow Meditates
      Peaceful Piggy Meditation

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll check those out.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: My trip to New Orleans was wonderful. Just about perfect.
    Rant: I could feel the DC-related stress and anxiety wind back up as I flew home.

  • Rave? Thanks To everyone who gave me suggestions for a new dentist yesterday. I going to give Minovi Dental a try, since it’s convenient enough to my work, and I was impressed by the fact that they explicitly listed “TMJ and Migraine” on their website. I was less impressed with the fact that someone already called me this morning to move my appointment up an hour, but I appreciate the call vs. email, since I don’t check my personal email all the time at work and don’t get pop-up notifications about new mail on my phone. Here’s hoping for the best!
    Rave? I guess I’m being included in my cousin’s Easter plans, since she requested I make a particular dish! It’s one I’m proud of, and isn’t super hard to make, so cool I guess?
    Funny: A pretty little black cat wandered into our yard last night and my one cat went berserk! It was hilarious to watch! The other cat just hunkered down on the path to watch my kitties, very calmly and collectedly, while Grey Cat continued to mewl and pace and then just sit and watch for a couple hours. Good to know I have a little “protector”!

    • My dad shared a video last week of his petite fluffy princess cat defending her territory against a rat snake. The cat was hopping and swatting and taking it VERY seriously. The snake (harmless, but decent size) just looked confused.

      • Aw! poor snake, just bein’ a snake, and you dad’s cat is just doing what she think’s she’s supposed to! The black cat looked well fed and groomed, so I’m assuming someone owns him/her. S/he didn’t seem bothered at all by the fuss my grey cat was making, but when I managed to squeeze out the door to see how friendly the cat was, s/he backed away and eventually walked off. oh well!

        • Yeah, Dad eventually rescued the snake and put it somewhere it might make itself useful. But only after laughing himself silly and getting some video.

          • So your dad’s cat is an indoor/outdoor cat who was batting at the snake in person (rather than from behind a window)?

          • Yep! But only when he’s out there with her. She rolls around in the flower beds while he’s weeding, and when he goes in, she goes in.
            He has another cat who roams much more broadly, knows all the neighbors, and even goes out with him on his boat. Cat #2 loves the boat so much that he will come tearing from the other side of the neighborhood when he hears the motor, so as not to miss his ride.
            This is obviously not in DC. 🙂

          • Awww! Those are great cat anecdotes.

          • Emmaleigh504

            love this cat stories!

      • Cat’s are such adorable weirdos.

      • I used to play the viola, and like other stringed instruments it benefited from having a Dampit poked into its sound-holes to keep the wood from drying out. Well, a Dampit just looks like a little green snake (see photo at http://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Humidifiers/Dampit-Violin-Humidifier.axd#sthash.aNTWrm3n.dpbs), and you soak it in the sink for a few minutes before using. My cat jumped up on the vanity while this was going on. Hissed. Stiffened. Bristled up to 133% of her usual size. Really impressive. Nice to know that she was ready to protect me, and herself, from potentially poisonous Dampits.

  • Rave: Today is my Friday! And treating myself to Beauty & the Beast matinee tomorrow!
    Rave: Spending the weekend at a friend’s in Harrisonburg, going hiking, Easter brunch in the mountains…can’t wait!
    Rant: Damn. Boss just returned. Life is so much easier without him here.
    Rave: Roasted sweet potatoes and turnips last night! I’d never had turnips before, but they’re actually pretty good. Remind me of cauliflower. Will have with zoodles tonight! And my next mini-Harvest arrives on Sunday!

  • Rave: I scored Herbie Hancock tickets at KC in August!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: One of those days when I buy chocolate on the way into work because people (boss man) over promises but underperforms so I get stuck working late, like last night, and need a pick me up.
    Rave: I have chocolate. That’s a start.
    Rant: Allergies will sporadically turn me into a teary eyed mess. Ugh…

  • Revel: Long-distance bf is coming to visit this weekend. SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! Being near him makes me sane, and with the world and job being crazy and my occasional existential crises, I’ve been in desperate need of his dose of human Xanax.

    On a related note, he gets in around 10pm on Saturday to DCA. Any suggestions for good late-night eats? I use his visits as excuses to try new places, but I’ve fallen way behind with all the new spots that have opened in the last year or so. I live in Capitol Hill, but wouldn’t mind somewhere on the yellow or blue lines or within easy Uber distance.

    • That One Guy

      If you want to grab food on the way back to DC there’s Crystal City (Kabob Palace, Legal Seafood, and the more local bar/diner fare across 23rd Street).

      • Andie302

        Also, Good Stuff Eatery in Crystal City – you can do burgers and either a beer and/or a milkshake

      • if you want to be a little adventurous.. Try the new(ish) Uyghur place in CC, Queen Amannisa. Pretty good. Otherwise, you can stop by Highline RXR in CC for some great beers and mediocre food.

  • Does anyone know what happened just off H Street on 9th St NE last night? Police twitter account said 1D and that a search was out for someone but I haven’t seen any news about it other than that tweet.

    • From the mpd listserv posted 4/12 at 11:49pm:

      1D is on the scene of a shooting in the 800 block of 9th Street NE. The victim is an adult male and was transported to a local hospital.

      Lieutenant Darnel L. Robinson
      Metropolitan Police Department
      Patrol Service Bureau
      First District
      202.536.9407 C
      202.729.3792 O

  • rave: Baroness last night at the 9:30 Club! They were high on my list of bands to see and they did not disappoint… fantastic show!

  • Rave: finally got a good night’s sleep
    Rant: the benadryl hangover is real
    Rave: paddle board season starts this weekend!
    Rave: I had a great lunch with my friend yesterday. It was impossible to bring her good mood down and she made me feel better. It’s wonderful to have those kinds of friends

  • Thoroughly over my boss. He has cut three positions in three years and has dumped to work on me and one other librarian. Yet he has received raises for the last four since he has saved the state so much money by “downsizing”

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: I think I’m going to quit my job, buy a tow-truck and an impound lot, and make my living towing illegally parked cars on 16th street, between U and M during AM rush hour. I think I will probably make more in 1 week than I currently do in 1 month, and I would only have to work a few hours everyday.
    RAVE: Sitting in the traffic on 16th due to above mentioned illegal parkers allowed me to notice the house on 16th (around Church St.) whose lawn is covered with Easter decorations. Inflatable Peeps, Bunnys, Eggs… you name it. It’s amazing!

    • LOL. If you expand up to W St you’ll probably get an extra 2-3 cars per morning.

    • I will gladly invest in your new business. It makes me crazy! I used to live on 16th between V and W and I was so careful to always have my car out by 7 if I parked on 16th. Who are these people that just leave it? It’s a $100 ticket AND a $100 tow!

      • After my car was stolen, it was only recovered after it was parked in a tow-away zone (I think Georgia Avenue), and got booted so that the person using it was unable to move the car. It had been ticketed often enough to earn a boot, and so it was recovered long after I collected from the insurance company. Of course, not all those cars are stolen cars that had been booted.

        • Some people are just being ridiculous though – I once saw a guy come out to his car at 16th & V St after a ticket was issued and he looked pissed off…. as though the “No Parking” sign wasn’t RIGHT next to him (and it was a good half-hour after the no parking time was in effect…) Entitled jerk.

          • I think you can still be pissed (even if you know you deserved the ticket), b/c well you got a ticket. I don’t think it makes you an entitled jerk. You, as a casual observer – don’t know that at least. For example, I went out one Sunday night and suspect I was roofied b/c of how drunk I got after just one drink (like black out drunk and then violently sick later that night). I ended up riding to a friends house in a taxi, leaving my car where it had been parked. I wasn’t well enough to get up and move the car the next day (Monday) when parking regulations went into effect and it turns out I was also parked on the side for street cleaning so I got multiple tickets. I obviously wasn’t happy about any of the above and probably made a face when I got back to my car, but I don’t think I”m an entitled jerk.

    • LOL at your rant.

  • Rave: Yesterday’s discussion about dentists reminded me to schedule my cleaning.
    Rant: Deciding to cut out my afternoon coffee is rough. Why do I start yawning at 7pm?
    Rave: Tulips, daffodils, and lilies!

    • Your last rave reminds me:
      Rave: I appear to have a lily coming up.
      Rant: It’s from a batch of bulbs that I planted in 2016 that failed to sprout in 2016, and that I _thought_ I had dug up when I decided to replace those clusters of bulbs (I’d added one lily to the middle of four tulip clusters) with daffodils instead. So this lily is 1) all by itself and 2) sprouting somewhat awkwardly just behind a cluster of daffodils. And I don’t even remember what color it is, which means I’m not sure if it’ll clash with some lily bulbs I just bought but haven’t planted.
      Rave: Still… I have a lily coming up!!

    • More gardening raves:
      – More of my irises are sending up flower stalks, and several of those stalks are now blooming!
      – The tulips I planted this past fall are coming up very nicely, and so far none of them have been stolen.
      Last year somebody cut and stole all five of my red tulips, and I was very upset. This time around, I planted tulips in a less visible place — closer to my house, and partially hidden by shrubs. Seems kind of a shame to hide one’s light away (so to speak) like that, though — maybe next year I’ll plant some in a more visible spot, thieves be damned.

  • I have about 10 people coming into town next weekend — last time they were all here I took them to Ambar and everyone loved it. Any suggestions for an equally impressive and wallet friendly place for a group?

  • rave: coffee
    rave/rant: Going to many marches/rallies in the next week or so! there is a tax march on Saturday and one hand, i am like “hell yeah!!!” but on the other, I know Trump wont release his taxes. LMAO. whatever

  • 2 and a half hours to spring break but my idiot self decided to hold a parent conference. Arrrgghhhhh

  • It’s just not the same when our POPmaster is off the grid. I hope Russian cyber warriors don’t use it as an attempt to hack into our community to influence our democracy. Here’s hoping POP is getting some rest.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Today work is full of stuff I don’t want to do.
    Rave: Got to sleep late b/c it’s my night to work late.

  • Bear

    Rant: Still trying to get back into the swing of things at work. It’s really busy and I feel like I spend all my days racing between meetings and the pumping room, and not actually getting anything done. I’m working from home a couple days a week but that means it’s extra packed the days that I’m in the office.
    Rant: I drop my baby off at day care at 8:00 and pick him up at 5:30. He is the first one there and often the last to be picked up. It kills me. To add to this, I spend my mornings trying to get ready for work and evenings trying to get ready for the next day. I get almost no real time with him during the week. I wish I could drop back to part time, but even if we could afford it (it would be hard), I’m not in a job that can be done on a part time basis.
    Raves: He is in a great day care and his teachers adore him. I have a well-paying job with good benefits. My husband cooks and cleans. It could be a lot worse…
    One last rant: Our renovation will now not be finished until the last week of April because the door shop is totally backed up. As in, the initial 2-3 week production estimate is now stretching to 6 weeks. And we can’t do any further work to the master closet until the doors come in. We haven’t had a closet for six weeks, so I’ve pretty much been living out of a suitcase in half a house while also dealing with going back to work. It SUCKS.
    Rave: At least the downstairs is almost done and we’ll have the living room back soon.

    • It takes some time to create a new rhythm and routine, so try to cut yourself some slack where possible. Also look for ways to streamline morning and evening routines if you can. But regardless of those efforts, it’s often just plain hard at this stage–especially if you’re still needing to get to bed super early to make up for broken sleep. You’ll find your groove–it may just take a bit more time.

  • Random question for the PoPulace: Does anyone know where I can find pellet ice (or Sonic ice, for you Southerners)? Want to whip up some tiki drinks this weekend, but I don’t know of any local markets that carry it.

  • Rant: going to visit the in-laws. Steeling myself for 3 days of their olympic-medal worthy self delusion and kafkaesque treatment of SIL’s severe mental illness, with a side of Trumpism just for fun.

    Rant: none in the near future.

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