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  • I had lunch there on Monday and it was delicious. It’s authentic Mexican food, unlike some of the other places in Mt. Pleasant. Highly recommend!

    • Gotta disagree. Tacos were OK, not great, and overpriced. Much better tacos can be found at Habenero and next door at Mezcalero.

    • with the exception of haydees, what other places in MtP claim to serve mexican? Plenty of pupusa places that serve authentic salvadoran food.

  • Looks delicious!

  • Does anyone know if they have vegetarian tacos?

  • I did a small sampling the other day and, sadly, came away unimpressed. But they’re deserving of another shot.

  • Is this under new management? Because I’ve assumed it’s the same owners who just keep changing the name when the business starts to struggle.

  • What happened to Lezo’s? That place didn’t last very long.

  • what happened to Lezo’s? I’m going to sorely miss the squash blossom quesadilla…

  • food pictures on yelp look a lot like Lezo’s, so perhaps just a name change?

    FWIW — Lezo’s is damn good. More “abuela style” imo than Habanero and Mezcalero, but it is some tasty Mexican home cooking.

    • You have to check under Taqueria Los Compadres and they have only 7 pictures for now and the owners are Juan Carlos and Nelly Romero.

  • I think the fillings are slightly fresher than when it was Lezo’s. The menu is very similar, but there seem to be a few small changes. Overall, it’s a fine option if you’re already in the neighborhood, but if I weren’t, I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit.

  • looks a lot like lezos with a name change. never really impressed after giving a few tries. tacos were a really fatty and not a whole lot of flavor. love the glass coke bottles from mexico. better tacos can be found at el sol or mezcalero.

  • Here is the scoop:

    Doña Rosa started Lezo’s taqueria after making enough seed money from running a “clandestine” neighborhood taqueria in her apartment in Columbia Heights. Some people knew it as “Secret Mexican” or simply “Doña Rosa’s,” where you could call her and she would throw down a key to the front door from her window. Lezo was her husband who passed away a few years ago and she name the taqueria after him as an homage.

    Doña Rosa and her family are from Oaxaca, Mexico, and they make authentic, fresh, delicious Oaxaqueña food. If you are not used to actual Mexican food made by Mexicans (and more used to Mexican food made by Salvadorans, which is the norm in DC), then you might not be accustomed to this food. I find it delicious! They even serve chapulines (grasshoppers), a Oaxacan staple.

    Doña Rosa still cooks and works at Taqueria Los Compadres but recently sold the business for financial reasons.

    Give it a shot! I love supporting the American Dream. Not to mention, the carnitas are amazing, the birria is delicious, the salsas are out of this world, and the tortillas are fresh. It is a little pricey, but the quality is worth it.

    I’ve been eating this lovely woman’s food for years and I look forward to her continued success. Hope to see you there! Cheers, Doña Rosa!

  • Hmmm, we’ll have to give it a shot, although it seems to be the same style as Lezo’s, which left me unimpressed.

  • No longer “best kept ” or “secret”