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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • maxwell smart

    RAVE: Picture says it all! Cubs!

  • Andie302

    Rave: Great game last night, congrats Cubs!
    Rave: A night without the election being the focus
    Rave: Dinner with two great friends last night – so nice to catch up and hang out!
    Rant: I’ve procrastinated yet again

  • Rant: Couldn’t stay up to watch the end of the game. Packed it in at the rain delay going into extra innings.
    Rave: Still an amazing series and outcome (from a Cardinals fan).

  • skj84

    Rave: Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks at the CMA’s. That performance was full of such joy. Brought my spirits up.
    Rant: Yesterday was the first time I truly regretted cutting cable. Really wish I could’ve watched that game. Congrats Cubbies!
    Rant: I bit the inside of my lip while chewing yesterday. There is now a bump where I bit down and it really hurts. Every-time I talk or chew it hurts even worse.

    • Andie302

      Get to a drug store and get some campho phenique. It will taste absolutely disgusting when you apply it (try to avoid your taste buds, seriously), but it’ll numb the area really well and it’ll heal quickly. I’m guessing one application and you’ll have no more issues. The stuff works miracles!

    • The game was on the normal Fox 5 for free. If you have a TV, get a Mohu Leaf antenna ($30’ish). You’ll pick up a ton of free stations. I even get PBS from Baltimore.

    • Chloraseptic spray also numbs well, if you can’t stand the taste of the campho.

    • I loved that performance and now I can’t get the song out of my head! Stupid earworm.

      • skj84

        Beyonce released the audio from what I’m assuming was the rehearsal on Soundcloud and its even better! “Daddy Lessons” is actually my favorite song from Lemonade and I think it gets overshadowed by “Hold Up”, and “Sorry”. Love the zydeco.

    • skj, fyi wapo reran an old Carolyn Hax column on dry weddings that may be useful as you confront the potential of your family’s dry turkey day.

  • Rant: I totally got into it regarding racism, Trump, and the election on Facebook, and it quickly spiraled into a really personal, very painful interaction between my cousin (who has biracial children) and her white mother. I know it isn’t my job to negotiate their relationship, but oy, I feel so bad.
    Rant: This election is just bringing out so much hate and ugliness. And it isn’t going to go away regardless of the outcome next Tuesday. I don’t know how to start to deal with that as a country.
    Rave: The baby was particularly snuggly this morning.
    Rave: Delicious lentils with rice leftovers for lunch today.

    • I’m with you on being horrified at the hate and ugliness coming out. I want to talk to people so we can all find our common ground, but when I hear what some people are saying, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m just so grateful that I don’t have these divisions within my family, that must be so hard to handle.

    • Between your cousin and your aunt? Oh my goodness, that is just so sad. I’m sorry.

    • I’m having a tough time with this. My dad is part of a large family and all but two of the aunts/uncles (there are 11 of them) are voting Trump. And I love them. And yet I’m also terrified of what this says about their values – particularly in areas relating to tolerance and care for other human beings. This election has caused more people to be more vocal, additionally, this election there are more family/older people on Facebook where many choose to overshare. So whereas before we wouldn’t really discuss elections, now it’s front and center. And I’ve been so torn between trying to argue and just hiding them….

      • I really struggle with where is the line between just not engaging because it won’t do any good and being complicit in hate by remaining silent. I don’t know if I have figured it out, but I completely understand why you are having a tough time. I’m right there with you.

      • What does it say about those who vote for Clinton?

    • Query: Does anyone have a recommendation for a good therapist who practices in the Chinatown/Penn Quarter/downtown DC area? I think it is time that I get back into counseling, but I’m also at the point where someone I can see over lunchtime is probably the only way it is going to happen.

      • I used to go to the Women’s Center, it’s closer to McPherson Square (on Vermont between K and L NW) but might be doable depending on where you work. I saw a licensed social worker so she couldn’t prescribe or anything, but also the co-pay was (I think) lower.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Reading the newest Tana French novel.
    Rave: It looks like I will fulfill my Goodreads challenge for the year. Things were looking iffy this summer.
    Rant: I’m not sure that’s the best verb I could use, but my brain doesn’t want to work.

  • Rant: 16th St traffic and fifteen minutes to go three blocks
    Rave:. Alternate routes for the foreseeable future
    Rave:. Smitten Kitchen 3-bean chili made entirely with home grown produce

    • +1 to the 16th Street rant. Actually, it hasn’t been as bad for me since I travel on the early side of rush hour. But I did count about 5 cars that were ticketed and not towed (including one AT a bus stop) on 16th St yesterday evening and it was really holding things up….

    • maxwell smart

      16th Street is a mess, regardless of SafeTrack, and especially more so once school is in session. Between the bus traffic, parked cars, people making left turns, etc. it’s a daily parking lot. There needs to be a long-term solution put into place.

    • 16th street is a non-starter it took me 30 minutes to get to 16th and K from Irving street. Its totally unacceptable that cars can park along this street and forget to move them in the morning, that jam wastes hours and hours for thousands of people every day. Its a complete joke that there is not a bus lane for portions of 16th street….especially through CoHI to at least past U street which is where the majority of the back up occurs. 14th street busses are much better and less crowded. I suspect the safetracking is not helping b/c people probably taking bus from Silver Spring to downtown instead of metro.

      • maxwell smart

        This has always been the case. I get on the bus at 16th and Military, which is fairly close to the start of the S route(s). The S9 is ALWAYS standing room only in the morning, and on occasion has skipped the stop because it’s already too full. This was before SafeTrack was even a thing. 16th is a major corridor through the city and cuts through several areas under and/or not served by metro. The ad-hoc reversible lane solution isn’t effective due to the left turn signal at Irving and the lane loss at W St. Add to that illegal parked cars, usually between U and P and the mass of traffic around school drop-offs. A better solution is needed!

    • I’ve advocated for a long time that parking on 16th needs to be banned 24/7/365 from the MD border all the way down to the White House. There’s absolutely no need to have cars parked on the busiest north-south route in the city.

      • +1. And I applaud the towing people because they do a pretty good job but there just aren’t resources to have to go back and get the car that parked there 15 minutes after they went through the first time.

      • Agreed. The parking lane should be a dedicated bus lane during rush hour. And, even as a cyclist, I’d be totally fine with banning bikes on 16th, too.

        • maxwell smart

          Also as a cyclist, and one that commutes via Connecticut, I would never think to bike down 16th. The traffic is widely unpredictable, there are not enough lanes, too many parked cars AND there is a perfectly good bike lane 1 block over.

  • RANT/RAVE: The influx of the leftover Halloween candy all of my coworkers are bringing to work. My inner 4 year old is jumping for joy, my waist line, not so much

    • Lol, the fact that most of it is chocolate is saving my waistline, but I am sad to not be able to partake. We’ll see what happens after we get mtpbaby checked out by the allergist next week!

  • Clueless

    Rave: Experienced a relatively drama-free visit to the gtown DMV this morning.
    Rant: Had to re-take my license picture, on a bad hair/face day. 🙁
    Question: Any suggestions on how to post “no parking” permit signs on a street that has no trees/sign posts/meters (to tape/attach the signs to)? I’ve seen people put their parking signs on orange cones… other ideas?

  • Rant: Holy moly the green line train was insanely crowded this morning with what I assume is overflow with red line folks trying to get around SafeTrack work.
    Rave: I currently only have to go one stop, thank goodness!
    Rant: Construction for “emergency” Comcast work started at 4:45 a.m., followed by construction “staging” starting at 6. I want to throttle someone.
    Rave: Was talking to an old colleague about something completely unrelated, but remembered she had a real estate license. I asked and she put me in touch with a colleague of hers so now I have someone to at least talk to, and possibly work with, to find a rental soon! Amazing timing!

  • Rave: Got to try out Himitsu last night and it was quite tasty – can’t wait to go back!
    Rave: While I’m still sad about the Nats blowing another post-season – yay for the Cubs!
    Rant: I still can’t figure out how to defeat the mites attacking my tomato plants! At least the weather might allow me to get one final haul…..

  • Rave – I voted early!
    Rant – Growing out a pixie cut.

    • I often think I should cut my hair, now that I’m old and long hair is considered unprofessional on old women. But then I think about the growing-out phase, and I don’t do it.

      • skj84

        don’t cut your hair unless you truly want to. I don’t even understand the mindset that long hair on supposedly older women is “unprofessional”. Rock that long hair!

        • If you’re happy with your haircut, I think you look great no matter what. I have a cut scheduled for tonight and I’m going to keep it long. I want to go as long as possible until it looks weird. If it comes out of my body, I get to control out. (Note: this would not be a good parenting technique.)

      • Ive never heard the long haired. old woman th

        • Oh, just google “long hair unprofessional”. It’s a thing.

        • In related news, “cleavage is over”.
          So I guess those of us who don’t really have a choice on the cleavage question should wrap ourselves in our long shameful hair and hide our hideous outdated selves from the world.

          • LOL. I shun both of those. Professional or not. I read one article and I get the idea of not looking old and haggard but long hair can be well maintained and groomed at any age.

            Julia Roberts is pushing 50, Salma Hayek is 50, Sanaa Lathan etc all have long beautiful hair imo

          • I saw the cleavage is over thing yesterday; cleavage will never be over as far as my breasts are concerned. One less thing to be fashionable about, I suppose!
            Also, about the hair; I recall when I became a mother being told that I needed to cut my hair (apparently ‘mom haircuts’ are an actual thing), and have also heard that long hair is unprofessional. I just don’t get why people feel like they have the right to decide what is appropriate at various stages of our lives. As for me, I am currently growing out a shoulder length bob and have decided that I love my long hair and I’m going back. Screw norms.

          • So here’s what gets me about pronouncements like “cleavage is over” from the fashion industry: You’re there to CLOTHE PEOPLE. Why do fashion magazines get away with dictating what bodies should look like? They have ONE job, and it’s to make people look good in clothes. Not to decide what kind of people make the clothes look good. So backwards.

          • Wait, what happened to cleavage? Asking for a friend.

          • @Anonamon – I actually waited awhile to chop off my hair after the postpartum shedding started because I didn’t want to be the stereotype of the mom hair. I’m glad I cut it; I do think I look better with short hair. But I think the trope of women of a certain age having to cut their hair is stupid. Rock the long hair AND the cleavage.

          • It never ends does it? There’s pressure to grow your hair out long when you get married, cut it after the wedding, grow it long again, cut it after having a kid, etc. I cut my crazy curly hair into a pixie years ago and loved it. I even got married with my pixie cut. I”m growing it because I’m just bored now. I’m trying for a chin length bob… but I might get frustrated and chop it off again.

      • I’m a long-haired professional woman inching towards 40 (yikes). Even worse, my hair is curly and often unruly. I sometimes consider changing my hair to a more “professional” or “polished” hair style (my sil even suggested it once). But then I remember: I’m a bad-a** woman with a phd, I do important and sometimes influential work, and what matters most to me is my mind, and not what others think of how I look. If someone chooses to not take my counsel (on the issues within my expertise) because my hair is messy, that’s on ~them~, not me, and at their own peril. (Also note I don’t work in an area where I get paid by clients or anything, so I do have that luxury.)
        tldr: do you.

  • Rant: Chicago already won the World Series in 2005, and they did it in 4. ugh. so many insufferable cubs fans.
    Rant: the only thing worse than bandwagon fans are the special snowflakes who are soooo unique and different that they have to tell everyone (frequently) that THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT SPORTS!!!!

    • Rave – 99 cent iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts today because Caps won!

    • skj84

      Yup on your second Rant. I’m indifferent to most sports, but I understand the joy it brings to people. LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS!!!

      • It *is* a two-way street if you’re an intense fan of a certain sport or team. You shouldn’t bore people who aren’t interested with a detailed recap of last night’s game, but they also shouldn’t do the holier-than-thou act of “what is that shirt you’re wearing…oh, I didn’t even know because I don’t even have a TV and would never see the result of a big game on even social media because I have more refined tastes in friends than that.” Bitch…you’re friends with me, and I have posted about nothing BUT the sportsball series for the last week! So you’ve hidden me, nice to know! (I don’t post 75x/day when big things happen…the biggest posting day for me was when I went to game 6, and that was 4 posts over 15 hours…I know people who post more often than that about what they’re eating or what their children are wearing!)
        Even my coworker/friend who calls all major sporting events “sportsball” texted me good luck before last night’s game. He was aware enough of popular culture and his friends to know that something big was happening, and chime in appropriately to someone he knew to be a dedicated fan. I won’t bore him with the details, but it’s nice to have the moral support. Also nice that when I logged on this morning he had sent me an email that said “I know you were up late last night, so I took care of project X that came in at 8 AM. Project Y is still pending, and I assume you will log in early enough to deal with that before Noon.” (I logged in shortly after 9 AM, so I wasn’t being a total slouch!)
        Doubly nice that when I logged in this morning the first 10 emails in my inbox were either stand alone “Sorry about the loss” or project requests prefaced with the same. I even got 5 or 6 more calls and emails throughout the day expressing regrets or prefacing requests with such. I do good work at work, and everyone I work with knows I’m an Indians fan. It’s nice that they’ve learned enough about me on a personal level that I’m a human with interests outside of what I do on the job, to them.

    • maxwell smart

      You do realize that was the Chicago White Sox that won in 2005? That would be like equating the Yankees to the Mets. Sure, they are both NY teams, but they are 2 different teams.

    • palisades

      Go bang your head against a wall. Let people be happy

    • Did you pee in your own cheerios this morning? Because I’m definitely getting that vibe here.

    • Yeah, I’m not particularly thrilled the Cubs won. I find some of their players to be truly endearing and really am happy for their success, but can’t help but feel gross about their closer … I’ll at least take some satisfaction that the guy who fired five (?) shots at his gf blew the lead. But, it was a great game and a truly epic series, and I can’t wait for April 2017.

    • I was there for Game 6, and the row of Cubs fans behind us were bellowing so loudly we could barely hear the in-park announcements, then had the gall to yell (yes, yell, from 3′ away) at us to “sit the f down already” when we loaded the bases in the 7th with LINDOR coming up. I’m sure there are plenty of nice Cubs fans, and ticket prices ensured that only the most entitled d-bags among them were in attendance, but it left a very bad taste.

  • Rave: While he woke up sometime around 6:15, mtpbaby fell back to sleep after 30-45 minutes and was out cold when I finally got him up at 7:40. Fingers still tightly crossed for the time change.
    Rave: transition week still going well. We’ll see how napping in the new room goes, though. That derailed one of his buddies recently–hopefully it doesn’t derail him!
    Rave (because it’s funny): Mtpkiddo asked me this morning if mtpbaby was in my tummy. Guess two pregnancies and two deliveries leaves a lasting toll on the shape of my belly. Lol.
    Rave: Somehow, this morning went reasonably smoothly & mtpkiddo was mostly pliable on the necessary components of getting ready for school. If only all mornings could be so easy!

  • Rave: Mother. Effing. CUBS. Tears of joy.
    Belated Rave: Getting to see a WS game at Wrigley last weekend, even though it was a loss. Amazing.
    Related Belated Rave: The Mrs. (Nats fan) pushed me to go to the game and didn’t balk at the price. Best wife ever.

  • Rant: idiot cyclist who was frightened and upset by my “too loud” passing on your left alert. Pay attention! That’s how it’s done, not your silent cut to the front at a red light on a stupid slow dutch bike way.

    Rave: Holy Cow, Cubbies! Really miss my chicago friends and family today.

  • Rant: one of my crazier uncles (and there are a few of them) sends out right wing, fact-phobic emails to a bunch of people, but I have rarely received any. Oh, I got one this morning. It’s about how 1 in 4 households have no one working(???) and they are just “riding the Obama wave.”
    Rave: the Obama wave is lower unemployment, reduction of the deficit, high approval ratings, more people insured, etc. Obviously there are not as great things, like reduction of participation in the workforce, but progress has been and is being made.
    Rave: got my Nasty Woman shirt in the mail and I love it 🙂
    Rave: my bff is coming to town tomorrow and she’s a wonderful genius who suggested we rent dresses for the occasion.

    • topscallop

      Where’d you order your Nasty Woman shirt from?

      • I got it on RedBubble, which has designs by different artists. If you search IronicSparrow you’ll find the one I got. I like that they have different types of shirts to print it on, not just those ill fitting, snug, high neck womens tees.
        It took me a week to get mine, so you’ll likely need to expedite if you want it by the election.

      • I got mine from google ghost but I do note that my WM runs really small.

    • houseintherear

      My brother and I used to get similar emails from our Dad, until we both decided to Reply All and write stuff like, “Do not send me this nonsense,” or, “I do not want to see anything like this again.” I think he was so embarrassed, he stopped sending them.

      • houseintherear

        (stopped sending them to us, at least)

      • I had to do this too – we have a family list serve (cause we’re a huge family!) and my one uncle sent some nasty things out (like anti-muslim stuff and Obama doesn’t salute the national anthem stuff). They stopped once I responded and asked them to respect the fact that this is a family list serve and also sent some links to factual articles debunk their claims…

      • I replied all that I am riding the Obama wave of of lower unemployment, increased insurance coverage, greater equality for women and lgbtq folks right into the voting booth. And attached a pic of me in my new shirt.

        • Haha, he responded and copied my mom, who wasn’t even on the original email.

          • I love your response, but why CC your mom? Are you in ‘trouble’? lol

          • I don’t know. I mean, my mom is a Hillary supporter, so I’m not in trouble.
            It’s just killing me that a family physician who’s kid has a life long, dangerous condition is slamming the ACA. She’s not going to be under 26 forever.

          • Many physicians hate the ACA because it portends the inevitable – universal coverage by the government. Which then will impose price controls on doctors, especially those who make gobs of money on fee-per-procedure practices (surgeons, anesthesiologists, etc). A Trump victory allows the gravy train – for certain highly paid segments of doctors – to continue, even if they personally disagree on social issues with the GOP.
            Family physicians are among the lowest paid, so no clue why she would hate it. If anything, universal coverage should lower compliance costs and the time-suck for your normal family practice. The ACA also monetarily incentivizes the preventive medicine and “healthy outcomes” practiced by family doctors.
            Ronald Reagan’s conservationism was spurred by Nancy’s stepfather (Dr. Loyal Davis), who was a renowned neurosurgeon and head of the American College of Surgeons. Prior to meeting Nancy, Reagan was a Democrat. Dr. Davis was also extremely influential in advocating for cartel-like behavior among surgeons – opaque fee structures, limiting medical school spots, etc. that are structural issues that currently plague the medical system. This is why the highest paid sectors of medicine have been aligned with the GOP for many decades, regardless of how far the GOP goes off the rails. Follow the money.

          • Anonymous, thank you, that is a detailed run down and I learned from it. I was told that he is making less and working more now.
            The focus of my comment was more that as a physician he should know how important it is that his daughter be able to access medical care for the rest of her life because of her condition. She could lose her sight completely without monitoring.
            But I know that not everyone will view the trade off between their own earnings and their kid’s distant medical future the same way I would, especially because I’m considering it as a hypothetical.
            It’s convenient that the “negative” parts of the ACA are all attributed to Obama, but the narrative around pre-existing condition coverage completely erases him and even distances that from the ACA.

        • Surf that wave, jeslett!

        • LOL, this is so funny. CCing your mom like she is your boss! Hahaha

        • That is a fabulous response!

  • Rant: Work confusion – how hard is it to just type a one sentence answer to my question!?!?!
    Rant: Hangry. Not enough snacks.
    Rave: Going out for an early lunch, then office party later! So I’m trying to just take it easy this morning and not stress too much.

  • Rave: Dog seems to be sleeping better now, he’s sleeping in his own bed and not a lot of whining. I think bringing back his old bed did the trick. He did sleep on the couch last night though.
    Rave: Taking care of him and MIL’s chihuahua for the next couple of days before heading to a wedding this weekend.
    Rave: Not sure if anyone else works on NY Ave NW, but they’re opening the California Tortilla today. I’m sure it’s going to be a mad house during lunch.

  • SusanRH

    Rant: DCRA has failed us on a framing inspection saying that our plans should never have been approved in the first place, but they were approved. Has anyone else gone through this process, can we just reschedule our inspection and hope that we get a new inspector? Has anyone ever used the Third Party Inspection system? Once we have failed one inspection, does that mean we can’t use that system, trying to get answers from DCRA has been a nightmare! Any advice is much appreciated.

    • Our contractor used a 3rd party inspection on a major remodel. It was a breeze, and made scheduling much easier since DC inspectors can be a nightmare. The project was also designed by a good architect and reviewed/approved by a structural engineer. So, I did not have much concern going with a 3rd party.

      Not sure about your question about using a 3rd party after failing. But, from my experience, I would at least try if you have confidence in your team and it’s allowed.

    • What I was told is once you go with either 3rd party or city inspection, you must stick with that method. Those 3rd party inspections can get expensive, even though its easy to schedule. ($200 per inspection with 3rd party, while the city is free).

      I would just schedule another inspection, and hope you get an easier inspector. I did addition to my house this spring, and some inspectors really looked at the plans and then the work. While others just came in and signed off the papers, while not even really looking at plans or the actual work.

  • rant: I really, really hate the Cubs. They had some good homegrown players, but they could supplement them by buying up a bunch of stars; the Indians (and much of the rest of MLB) couldn’t. The Cubs payroll this year was over $70 million more than the Cubs and that gives you a much larger margin for error. Plus the Cubs owner is a big Donald Trump fan. Basically, the World Series was David vs. Goliath where everyone was cheering against the underdog. Gross.

  • Rave: Earl grey tea.
    Rant/Rave: Managed my reactive, exhausted response to learning about my husband’s emergency business trip. Managed it by requesting we talk about it in the morning when I’m awake and rested, but managed it nonetheless.
    Rant: International conferences that everyone flies to not to attend but to meet with people who are also there not to attend but to meet with people when they could just meet with them in DC. Or Geneva, or wherever.
    Rave: Potentially four days in Lisbon are in store for me following lots and lots of work

    • Lisbon is awesome, the food is absolutely delicious. If you’ve never been, you have to get the Pastel de Nata.

      • topscallop

        Has anyone on here been to Portugal in the winter? Is it nice in January?

        • I’ve been before and loved it in the winter. I’ll be going back to Lisbon in December – but then again, we’re going to enjoy the city, not the beaches around the rest of POrtugal so not sure how that would hold up in January!

        • I was there over Christmas one year – it was lovely!

  • Rant: got dumped after 7 months of dating. It sucks but I am not all that torn up only because it was semi casual. I give him credit because he did it in person but who makes small talk for an HOUR and then drops that bomb?!
    Rant: this is the second time this year I have been dumped. I am officially done with 2016
    Rant (half excuse?): because of my extremely low vision I am shy/its hard to make friends/hard to have some connections because I do not pick up on body/visual cues. I think that’s why I am taking this the hardest. I don’t/will never be able to drive. I typically don’t go out at night because its hard to see.

    Rave: even though I live in NoVA I do get enjoyment out of this blog (almost read daily but don’t ever really comment). I really need to make more of an effort to come to the unofficial happy hours.

    • What does Semi-Casual mean? Sounds like its not surprising that it happened. And semi-odd that all you care about is that he made small talk. From my experience, girls can be fairly imperceptive when a guy is trying to express doubts or issues or unhappiness, and girls sometimes even more reluctant to express this at all (again my personal experience).. Granted we do not always go about this in a straight forward manner. But sometimes its like, wait am I crazy or are things not great between us….and why do I have to be the one to confront this? Its hard. Good luck getting back out there!

    • “but who makes small talk for an HOUR and then drops that bomb?!”
      Plenty of people. It’s not always the easiest thing to get around to, you know? A lot of men are sensitive enough to not want to deliver potentially bad news, even when they know they have to and it’s the right thing to do. It would be nice if you could at least give him credit without qualifying it in the very same breath.
      Sorry this one didn’t work out for you.

    • Would you be complaining if you sat down and he immediately/bluntly dived into the break-up spiel? There’s no perfect way to have that conversation.

    • Andie302

      Sorry to hear this. 2015 wasn’t my year for a host of reasons. It gets better! You should come to the anniversary party next week. Every event I’ve attended has been very welcoming, easy to chat up people you don’t know, and I’ve never regretted it! (full disclosure: I’m a bit biased since I met my boyfriend at one of these things, but they’re always fun!)

    • I’m sorry, that’s too bad.
      You can be upset about the break up and how he broke up with you. Is it normal? Maybe. That doesn’t mean it’s not still jarring.
      There’s an official HH next week, which I think is a great time to start attending!

    • I don’t get the weird critical anonymous comments. That sucks, and I’m sorry. I would hate it if someone let me think for an hour that we’re just hanging out still only to dump me. Inconsiderate! Be kind to yourself and treat yourself to nice things in the next few weeks.

      I have a similar issue as your low vision, and I don’t know if it’s any consolation, but I was struggling with dating for a long time before I met someone who didn’t care in the slightest that I wasn’t able to do all the things that a “normal” person can, and now we’re happily married. It may make things harder, but it’s certainly not going to prevent you from finding someone great.

    • semi casual meaning I was expecting it to turn to more but we only hung about once a week or so.

      I would have preferred him to just spit it out so I could have moved on with my life. don’t waste an hour of my time when I can tell something is on your mind.

      • Still doesn’t add up, I mean unless he kept just running in circles saying stuff without actually breaking it off…sounds like you knew so you probably could have brought the question to center stage quicker if you wanted. Not even trying to be mean its just you sound like you are really upset about 1 hr of your life when you just spent 7 months floating semi-casually with someone…

        • actually it was quite out of the blue. I am extremely shy (hence why I said its extremely hard for me to make friends) and I didn’t want to be the first one to bring it up ( it was something I have actually been stressing about over the last couple of months if I should say “where is this going?”). fine remove the hour complaint as you call it. except you are being mean.

          and for the record this is why I only read and not comment because the other times I have commented I have gotten extremely negative comments like this and I have always thought you guys were supportive of each others. but I guess its everyone but me.

          • Andie302

            He is being insensitive and I’m hoping that my pointing it out will have him reflect on it, since he’s met me and knows I don’t jump on people about stuff in this space. It’s also the reason I commented supportively above. Guys: this person just got dumped and is allowed to gripe about it. Cut him/her a break!

          • Andie302

            And yes, I am slowly turning into my mother

          • Emmaleigh504

            Break ups suck. I’m sorry.

          • Thanks Andie! 🙂 I think I just might come. I remember seeing information about but can someone jog my memory?

            I am a girl and I have been told I am quite lovely and funny but sometimes its hard to keep it in perspective. I am trying not to go down that proverbial rabbit hole and I am trying not to “wallow” too much. I pushed myself to come to work today.

            Jeslett it was jarring and I think that was what was most upsetting out of the whole thing!

          • Anonynon is negative or contrarian with pretty much everyone. Don’t take it personally. Sorry about the break up.

          • Thanks guys this made me feel a lot better 🙂

        • I don’t think it was insensitive, probably just semantics and mis-interpreting text on the internet. It makes more sense if you are extremely shy.

          sometimes I wish people could be more open and express how they feel without fear of judgement. Its alright to have doubts its ok to have a bad day and tell someone about it, I know I do (probably more than I should) but it feels good when I open up and speak my mind, even if its not ‘sunshine and roses’. It sounds like this might be for the best anyways if you felt the same way. Again, good luck!

          • You totally judged her for expressing her feelings and then say you wish people could express their feelings without fear of judgement? Dude, she just got dumped, let her be sad without telling her how she did it wrong. Also, when more than one person thinks what you said was insensitive, perhaps that’s a signal for self-reflection and not doubling-down.

  • Rant: Recognizing that Hillary and the Democrats brought all this on themselves through arrogance and on her part and almost two decades of ignoring the white working class. Just a little less “I make my own rules” on her part and a little more “rednecks are people, too” on the party’s part and she’d be sitting on a comfortable, if not excessive, cushion right now.
    Rave: Worst case scenarios less worse. Realized I can probably Air B&B the house out for enough to cover the mortgage and the rent on a Gulf Coast shack with indoor plumbing while I work on my tan, my grilled fish technique and my resume after Trump wins. Or maybe the girlfriend will let me move in and I can train for rowing (fingers crossed re: sciatica!) cook and clean all day. Get buff (for an old guy), get all the old National Geographics recycled and get the ramen on the table the minute she gets home from work — how can she turn that down?

    • Refreshing to see someone acknowledge the reality of the situation, neither side is right. The current left wing establishment is scary close-minded IMO. Would be nice to see a true progressive, although probably not Bernie…

    • HaileUnlikely

      Largely agreed. Without comment about how I’d feel about a President Joe Biden, Biden would probably have a clear 30-point lead right now.

    • This is pretty much how I feel.

    • Totally agree, but I can’t tell you the smack downs I’ve gotten making that point in response to my friends who obsessively Trump-bash as if it somehow makes a difference.

  • Rave: The Other Mrs. Rabbit has been stuck taking over my household duties while my ankle recovers and she even baked bread like I had on the meal schedule this week (all while working her usual ridiculous number of hours). I’m a very lucky lady.
    Rant: Way too much planning/cleaning to do for Thanksgiving.
    Rave: The Other Mrs. Rabbit and I have decided to forgo birthday gifts this year and do a joint birthday weekend at a B&B within a short drive from DC. Has anyone been out to Orange, VA?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I have a few people who share Trump stuff on their Facebook feed but it’s mostly memes that are easily ignored. However, one woman is becoming increasingly unhinged with long posts based upon what she’s “heard from others.” It’s rare that any of her 3400 friends responds to her posts, although she will reply several times to her own posts with increasing intensity and craziness. Yesterday’s was one long rambling post about Hillary and Huma’s pedophile sex ring and something about houses in Qatar and UAE that the Clintons and Obama’s have bought to flee to in their private jets as soon as “the tapes” come out that will bring down the government including Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. It’s really sad how this election, Conservative Entertainment radio and social media are pushing some who already had a tenuous grasp of reality over the edge.
    Oh by the way she said a few days ago her YouTube channel would debut soon just as soon as she figures out how to download a video. Along with politics she will provide gardening tips.

    • Yikes.
      I have one on fb who posts every anti-Trump article she can find, regardless of the source. I’m constantly seeing headlines like “You won’t BELIEVE what Trump did to this woman!” and “Trump campaign PANICS about this new video”.
      It’s no less annoying when it’s your own side doing it.

    • Keep us updated on the youtube channel – that sounds entertaining!

      Also you should ask her what she thinks on Trumps pedophilia rape trial…..

  • Bear

    Rave: My sister got her son in with the PANDAS specialist here for the week of Nov. 14 (original appointment in January). It was a friend of a friend who was a dogwalker for the specialist that was able to talk to her and move it up. I mean, talk about a small world – you never know when those mass facebook posts will reach someone who can actually do something to help. They also had a good appointment with an immunologist yesterday who suspects lyme disease might be part of what’s going on, in addition to the recurring strep infections.
    Rave: Bear cub passed his first non stress test with flying colors, and they also picked up a bunch of mini contractions that I couldn’t even feel. Four more weeks!
    Rant: Work is still kind of insane…I really need things to calm down over the next couple of weeks so I can do a proper handover and not leave my team in the lurch.

  • Anyone using NE side of red line during this SafeTrack surge? I normally take the red line from Union Station to Silver Spring (I work in Silver Spring and live in NE)–I’ve been driving the past few days but curious how bad the safe track bus shuttles/time etc has been. Thanks!

    • I heard the shuttle buses were very slow during rush hour, but going the other direction (Fort Totten to NoMA). I’ve been taking the red line then transferring the yellow/green, and it hasn’t been too bad. Wait times for the red line have been around 5-10 minutes. If there’s any way for you to get to the Yellow/Green lines, then transfer to red at Fort Totten, I’d do that over the shuttle buses.

  • Rant: Saying goodbye to our 6.5 year old dog tomorrow due to a degenerative disease that’s finally hit a point too far to continue. There was no way to know it was degenerative til we ruled out everything else so unfortunately we’ve spent the last couple months doing expensive testing and trying new medicines, only to be let down every time.
    Rant: This is the second dog in a row we’ve gotten from a rescue in this area that’s had something like this happen, and the third dog we’ve gotten from a rescue around here had two mystery seizures last month. Starting to wonder if we truly just cannot adopt healthy dogs.
    Not really a rant or rave: Knowing that he’ll be a peace is helping, especially with how bad it’s gotten the last few days.

  • Rave: FINALLY got the good news I’ve been waiting on. CAN. NOT. WAIT. to make things official. Just gotta sign some paperwork.
    Rave: My mom’s response when I called her this morning to share my news. If she was here in DC I do not doubt she would have picked me up and spun me around the room in a hug by how loud she shrieked and simultaneously started crying tears of joy when she heard. My dad shouting in the background just took the cake. I love my parents.
    Rant: horrible, horrible, horrible migraine last night that carried into today. I’m upright and mobile at work, but struggling to function. I’m down to one painkiller and am chomping at the bit for the pharmacy to fill my prescription so I can go home. Here’s to hoping the pile driving that they are doing on the construction site next to my apt is done for the day when I do finally get there.
    Rave: tomorrow is friday AND I see the light at the end of my tunnel. I’m smiling through all this head pain.

  • Rave: String Bean Slinger. I want my work to give me a fun nickname, but I think it might be hard in the federal bureaucracy. Memo-Writing Monster perhaps?
    Rave: Beautiful fall days.
    Rave: Halloween over. Onto Thanksgiving and all things cranberry.

  • Rant? Rave? Not sure this is either but wanted to share. I was just outside the Whole Foods on P street when a guy came up to me on a bike. I ignored him initially, but he persisted so I responded to him “I don’t have any money” to which he responded that he didn’t want any, but just wanted some food. I said I wasn’t planning on going to Whole Foods but he said his family needed food so I obliged and asked him what he would like. He said he wanted meat and rattled off a list of items including flank steak. I went in and purchased him some sausages (I wasn’t about to buy this guy steaks, sorry – but he did end up with some nice organic sausage). Anyways, I finally get out of that annoying store and he’s waiting on the other side of the street and comes over and I give him the bag then proceed to walk back to work. I’m about a two blocks away going down 15th when I happen to look behind me and he’s about 25 feet back on his bike. Entirely possible that was his intended route. I also noticed he was looking on his smart phone. He didn’t have that “classic homeless look” but looked more like a typical 30 something hipster on his bike with thick glasses. It’s entirely possible this guy was truly hungry and needed food, but part of me can’t help but think maybe it’s some sort of bizarre scam…maybe? I dunno, thoughts?

    • skj84

      Weird encounter, but not everyone who has a smart phone is rich or even well off. Smart phones are pretty easy to come by . Not all homeless look “homeless”. Anyway that’s such a strange encounter. Maybe you were pranked?

      • Yeah true, and the prank thing is certainly a possibility I guess (though slightly weird). One thought that came to mind was that maybe he had a credit/debit card skimmer (I think as long as someone’s in close range they can pull the number if it doesn’t have a chip…which sadly mine doesn’t). Or he could have simply been hungry, but I have that little itch in the back of my brain…

        • HaileUnlikely

          Agreed, but would also add that not everybody who is very poor is homeless. There are people who forego meals, maybe have their power shut off, etc, who manage to stretch dollars just far enough to avoid losing their home.
          And these days, for an unemployed person without ready access to a reliable computer and internet at home, a cheap smartphone (some are as low as $50) on a prepaid plan would be a very worthy investment to use to try to seek employment. If it’s a brand new top of the line smartphone that basically had to have either cost $600+ or been stolen, that’s different, but these days, for somebody who hasn’t yet given up all hope of ever rejoining the workforce, being able to be reached by both phone and email is almost as necessary as pants, and a cheap smartphone on a cheap plan is a less costly way to accomplish that than a dumbphone (or landline) and a home computer with internet.
          In all seriousness, the whole thing sounds off, especially the detailed shopping list, but I wouldn’t automatically assume somebody who didn’t look homeless or perhaps wasn’t even homeless didn’t need some help making ends meet, and I wouldn’t hold having a smartphone against him either.

  • So completely don’t care about the Cubs. Or Cleveland. If it’s not the Nationals, I don’t really care about baseball. Didn’t watch; glad it’s over.

    Though I guess now we won’t have to hear Cubs fans go on and on about their curse or whatever and how many years months weeks days minutes seconds it’s been since they last won the World Series, and that is A Good Thing.

  • Rave: Voted today and the place was packed. The election workers said it’s been like that all week.
    Rave: Not into Cubs baseball but the game was very exciting. Loved it that I could hear some of my neighbors screaming (or groaning) at the playoff action. Afterwards some of us just kind of drifted out onto our porches and ended up talking until about 2am.
    Rant: I had no idea that Skynear Designs had closed completely. Another store of my youth gone.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Grabbing lunch…at 4:00…urgh.
    Rave: Exhell (excel hell) is almost over.

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